What I Did Today And What I Didn't Do

Did not yet read the bible or talk about God all day. I feel some guilt about this. I was very helpful to my wife, who recently gave birth. Built a fort with my 5yr old son. Helped a friend, by speaking at her health presentation. Left the Honda with only enough gas to make it to the gas station. Took a one hour nap. Today is Day 7 with holding from sex and ************. 6 clementines, handful of peanuts, nut bar, slightly too much caffeine powder, 4 tablespoons of penutbutter, 4 small apples, Leg work out took 75min, protein drink, 3/4 can of black beans, will most likely eat more clemintines (Damm good this time of year)
Tomorrow I plan to start another modified water fast (only amino acids+ citrus+ 1can of tuna at bed time) prob will end it on Monday.
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Jan 17, 2013