Tall 5'11 Long Legs Curvy.. Determined To Tone Up And Drop 30

Im a 35 year old woman and I'm 5'11.. My mom passed away about a year ago and Ive put on 40 pounds.. I way 225 now :( I just joined the gym ten days ago and been doing serious cardio in the mornings before work and a spin class at night. None of my clothes were fitting and I was getting such a fat face..,I'm so done with feeling like this.

Ive also went to GNC and bought a few supplements such as oxy elite pro, CLA and green tea. I need to get this weight off within 2 months.. Any suggestion?? :)
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2 Responses Jan 20, 2013

Try RaspberryKetones too.which Oxy Elite did you get white or purple cap?Good stuff you got there. Lots of sex its fun easy cardio...Train hard its ok to feel like Anastasia after a session with Christian the next day...

You should use Easy Slim Tea it is most powerful fat burner. It contains natural herbs & green tea. it helps me a lot.

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