I Just Want To Be Healthier

These past 5 months I've been up and down with my weight being between 9 stone 5 pounds to 10 stone 5 pounds. Its bugging me so much because I've been at the gym for these 5 months and tried my best to eat healthy. I can't see if im benefiting from this. I did lose weight but then I decided to try and be healthier I should stop smoking which seems to be going well but then I had weight gain of around 5 pounds which means im at 10 stone 5. I'm not sure if I've had muscle gain or fat gain. Can someone please help and give me ideas of some fitness plan or diet plan. At the moment I've been eating salad on my lunch breaks and trying to drink as much water as possible. I really need to improve in my fitness for my course.
caketin8 caketin8
18-21, F
Jan 23, 2013