A Plus Size Shirt??

Hi there! My name, isnt too important right now, but what i want to do is just, vent. vent my story to you about my journey on the roller coaster of weight..

currently, at 23, and a height of 5''5, i weigh in at 187 pounds. I carry it very well, and even my doctor though the scale was wrong! so naturally, when i complain about my looks, people think i am doing just that....complaining for no reason. My goal weight is 135. that is about 50 pounds. Not too hard to accomplish, but i hate to excercise. Really, i am bad about it. I go fo two weeks, lose a few pounds get excited and TREAT myself and then there it is, ive fallen off again. Why is it we TREAT ourselves right when we should be kicking ourselves even harder???? I could keep babbling on and on but i really want others to talk to about this. someone who is just as excited about wanting to lose the wieght, that can share my feelings equally!!
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I noticed one thing , your body and mind crave variation in food and exercise .
Your need to treat and trick yourself right without overdoing it , watch your weight but do not focus alone on weight lose.

Why do we think we must be @that size" to compete with the size 0's and size 4's and 6,s and 8,s out there? There are MANY women out there -white and black -,as well as many other ethionecities that r sexy , full figured types that want recognition!

Look, my angel, u r tryin to fit into the MEDIAS idea of what is attrictave!! The "real world" is not so supper sufficial I'm a HAPPY to be a plus size girl in a world thats no so forgiving BUT I am I am SEXY and www.alwaysforme.com/
plus size!

well eating well is good and also exercise is very important.. you have to realise that you are allowed to treat yourself.. but try to only make it once a week. so if you treat yourself on a Monday.. you have to make sure you don't treat yourself for at least 7 days.. this will keep you focused and your mind on the future because you might be planning a night out with friends and you might want to spoil yourself that night.. but you have to make sure seven days prior to the night, you wont break it and ruin your night out.. the whole theory behind it is to build up patience, control and discipline..

Most people need to lose weight these days, but treating yourself is ok, as long as you only do it once a month.

Hey you gave your first step. Welcome to EP.

I have helped many lose weight :-)


Hi I'd like to help u when will u be online?

im on now

Awesome story, and I wish I could lose 50 myself.. however, every time I start up, something comes up that is more important, or I'm hurt and the doc wants me just sitting.

yeah...i get super motivated and then boom,im done

Piece a cake... take out the boom.... and you'll be fine.

Please! Just enjoy yourself as u r! If there r health reasons to lose weight I Understand but just for Hollywood I don't get it!!!

Consider using weights , cardiovascular workouts only speed up your metabolism for roughly 24 hours and then it drops off and change your diet to more plant protein.
It take 1-2 years to build more muscles and to find a balance between cardiac and weights .Go slowly with weights , use more interval workouts . In this way you will not drop out , due to the overdue.

Trade your scale for a good touring bicycle and just have fun (unless you can have fun doing kickboxing, that would be better as it makes the female form even more feminine!). Watch what you eat and your weight will watch its self. Best wishes, sexy!

I have the same problem hun, except I barely work out when I do I don't notice any results and quit working out. :/ I'm 23 and I'm over 200lbs now :'( sucks. I mean as far as I'm concerned my doctor told me I'm healthy just overweight and its recently started to affect my knees. But I hope you find something to help you lose the weight. I've hear that just eating more vegies and meats makes you feel fuller so you don't eat as much and just a 30 minute walk with a friend can do wonders. I'm not a veggie person and I only eat once a day due to my weird sleep schedual. I wish you luch girl!

Ugh Luck not luch lol

This is a very EASY way to loose weight without trying very hard.

First we have to understand two things, 1:) most of our food has no nutrition and hunger means your body needs nutrition, not just something in the stomach. 2:) most meat and dairy products contain hormones designed to make the animals grow faster and those hormones have the same effect on us.

Ok, now that is out of the way here is the easy part. Eat whatever you want, when you want, as much as you want, just make sure your meat and dairy products do not contain hormones. The easiest way to do this is to buy Organic food. It may seem more expensive but really it isn't. Why? Because you won't eat as much because it is more nutritious. And, this is the REALLY IMPORTANT part, get a liquid Mineral Supplement and use it daily, doesn't matter what other vitamins or supplements you are taking, if you are not getting all 70 trace minerals in the form of a liquid supplement you are not getting the nutrition you need. If you get hungry two hours after eating this is why, you didn't get any nutrition.

Try this for two months and I guarantee you will notice results.