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Great Shape To Giggily....

Of coarse back in HS which was 4 years ago I was so athletic could run a mile around 6 mins I was constantly playing volleyball, avg. 5 hours a day. Now I went to college found life volleyball free and packed a little on lost it over summer and became skinnyy perfect.. and now its just been gaining ever since. I want to be skinny and more so in shape but I have no motivation what so ever to get up to exercise while getting up to get food has high motivation. I don't like this. I've gained 14 lbs since August... I've just hit 200 lbs.... I'm already 6 foot and bigger just by that than most girls but then you add on my weight then I become an even bigger girl to most smaller people. Fuckkk I lost all that weight that summer by buying lots of adderall from a friend... I'm going to my psychiatrist in a few days and really wish she would give me something of that sort. I had energy, I felt happy, staying still wasnt and option, food wasn't as appetizing. I want to just straight tell her but you know how people are with those kinds of medications. Plus my mother would flip if I was prescribed that... UGH I'm 22 and my mom has to still approve medications...

That is the thing also... I'm 22 this is my only time to look skinny and good because I'm only young once and I don't want the flab by my elbows or the rolls in my back.. I already have love handles ever since like 9th grade even was I was skinny.. I don't need any more stuff like that.. Why is it that I cant just put the food down?
af621 af621 22-25, F Jan 29, 2013

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