True Story. Please Write Your Opinions Even Though It May Be Hurtful :)

i am 15. turning 16 this year.
i am sad, lonely, depressed and have no one to talk to about this.
my parents think i'm normal since i'm not a troublesome teenager, but i am very frustrated most of the time.
i hide my feelings most of the time as i'm afraid that i'll be judged horribly!
a lot of people in my current and new class do not like, so school's a pain.
i have friends, but some the close people seem to leave me.
i am fat, and even when i lose try to lose weight, food seems to drag me in again.
i love cooking for my family and find eating the source and solution of my problems.
i have a few friends, whom i love and adore and vise-versa.
i find myself ugly, even though my family says that i'll be pretty once i lose weight. but losing weight isn't easy!
a lot of people even make fun of me for being fat, which really does hurt, no matter how much people tell you to laugh and ignore it, it does hurt.
i listen to everyone's problems and solve them with ease, but me on the other hand hate to share my problems, cause i think they are going to burden everyone.
i also find my problems kind of irrelevant to others.
i am also not that good at studies so i find myself disappointing my parents.
i find myself sad all the time.
i don't like studying, i eat too much and hate going to school and to study at my tutor's home.
help me and suggest me something please!
and i love this site a lot! it makes everyone stand out and different :)
people may say that there are worst people in the world then my situation, but that dosen't mean i don't matter!
i have people who don't talk to me and ignore me, i have relatives who hate me even though i haven't done anything horrible to them.
sometimes i just feel like giving up and crying!
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1. You are a teenager and it is quite possible that your opinion of your looks and weight could well be skewed by hormones and advertisements. You might be pretty and slender and just not know it. Before you think of changing anything figure out what truly bothers you and why. Really assess your motives, and your life goals before you put any stock into anything.
2. For the sake of argument let's say you are really fat and ugly.
Is fat and ugly the worst you could be? (Anymore than being skinny makes you awesome?)
You can't change ugly. Luckily it doesn't matter. People will love you with a big fat nose that is six inches long, is green and has a huge wart on the end, with sunken in eyes plagued by dark circles and horribly large pores, with big huge Dopey ears. If you have ugly hair and a weird hunchback walk. People still love you. That being said, if you can learn to love you, plastic surgery is still an option, later. Feel good about that because you can't really change a crappy personality. Learn to love yourself in all your "ugly" glory :).
You can change fat. Food is 75% of the battle, but it's hard to manage your diet if you don't manage to move your body. Exercise can be really fun, and it's a great way to make more friends. On top of that it will increase your positive feelings and autonomy. As you get stronger, it will snowball. I would specifically recommend some strength training as weight lifting really helps your bones and will help prevent osteoporosis. (BMI is the best indicator of fat and calculators are easy to find) (try also. It's pretty awesome!)
Bonus: When you hit about 17 you'll go through a small growth spurt in which your body will lengthen out, but many teenagers gain no weight in this spurt.
3. Crying usually won't hurt, but don't give up.
4. I don't actually know anything, but I bet you are amazing. I hope you find the happiness which you so obviously deserve!

First of all never put yourself down like that. So what if you're heavy. That doesn't matter. You could be the worlds sexiest supermodel and still be ugly (look up Niaomi Campbell)

The way you treat others....the kindness in your heart....and the way you help others with problems...that's beautiful.

You're have an amazing futire ahead of you...just make the best of it!

Here for you; -/

thank you for reading my story :)
it means a lot to be if i'm being heard!

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you don't know my parents :|
they won't buy me these, claiming that it's a waste of money.
no one gets me :(

PM me anytime. I think you should open up to someone. I am sure you can have what you want.
PS: Yes, EP is a good site.

hey, i'm new so i don't know how to do this.
but thank you :)