Of Course I Do. ...

Of course I do. I'm a woman, and in our society women are made to feel as though they're never thin enough. But we should fight it, of course, and love our bodies anyway. I wish I could.
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Are you healthy? Does your weight interfere with things you want to do? If not then change your thinking.
Healthy should be your goal, not a number on a scale.

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I agree with you nancy drew, theres more and more women out there who arn't what nature intended them to be. You see really slim women but they have huge boobs. Now that is NOT genetic. Can you imagine if they have daughters when the time comes and they look at their mums and wonder why their own boobs arn't looking quite the size. Hmmm wonder if they would feel pressured to go under the knife because of ths influence. Or if yet again society will dictate in another 15 years that small and pert are the order of the day. I say all you women out there whatever your boob size, stand and be proud! Hard I know when the latest mag is letting us all know that this week we aint flavour but that means that next week we just might be. lol :)

I disagree - due to the strong urban and Latina influence on the music biz (can you say, J.LO?) rounder rumps, wider hips, and shaplier thighs are all in abundance (now I'm turning myself on, damn)!

Are you confusing curvy with bigger, better, stronger implants? That is all that has changed since the 70's.

I disagree. Society seems to be changing it's views about how a 'SEXY" woman looks. If you compare movies and commercials and shows from the 1970s to now, the woman on TV are ten times curvier! Women, STOP FOCUSING ON DIETING! Haven't you heard it enough times? We don't like skinny women!!!

Society does feed all of us a lot of junk about how we should look, and what we need to do to be attractive and validated. Then again, reacting against that is also being controlled by those same forces!<br />
<br />
I think the best way to think about it all is in terms of treating onesself with respect and, dare I say it, love. If we only had our bodies on loan from someone we truly cared about, we'd keep those bodies in a healthy weight range (regardless of what's in fashion) and we'd keep them fit and in good working order!