Herbalife Saved My Life

Hello to you all! My name is Nikki I live in Idaho. I just had a baby not to long ago and  I gained way to much weight put it this way I gained 70 pounds. the scary part about that was I had a hernia at the top of my stomach. I was warned about it before I got pregnant. The doctors told me that I should not gain over 40 pounds. Well I did unfortunately. SO after having the baby and an emergency surgery to get rid of all the scar tissue, the doctors recommended me to lose weight. I tried everything, exercising, eating right, everything. Well one night I could not sleep because of the darn trim spa pills, I saw this commercial on TV that said lose weight now ask me how. Well I was a little unsure about it meaning I just had a baby and surgery, talk about medical bills coming out your ears. So   I called and they sent me what is called a sample pack. i tried it and loved it. it had this energy tablet which was awesome and some total control tablets and those gave me energy and helped with my appetite. Loved those as well. and this delicious protein bar. the nice lady that I talked to sold it to me for $12.95. I was extremely nervous about giving out my card number so the next day I went on line and checked my account, well sure enough it came out as herbal. phew! well if you want to know more please contact me, I would love to talk and tell you the rest of my story.
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