I Sabatoge Myself As Soon As I Start Making Progress

I'm not much on dieting.  I'd like to lose weight, but I'm not into taking diet pills or doing fad diets.  I don't mind exercising, but I'll never be at the gym everyday. I'm about 65 lbs overweight.

I'd like to learn how to eat more healthy, but figure out how I can do that on a tight food budget.  I live alone so I could use pointers on cooking for one.  I have been trying to make meals and then portion them out and freeze them.  But sometimes I get lazy.

I'm not much on sweets, but I'm one to get a second helping.  I have been getting away from pop.  Now I drink 100% fruit juice watered way down. (to lesson the calories)  I figure it's healthier than drinking diet drinks.  This way I am getting in my fruit.  And avoiding all the salt in diet drinks, aspertame and those other diet sweetners as well.

I am overweight, and have high blood pressure.  I also take an antipsychotic which causes weight gain, and can also add to my risk of diabete''s. 

For some reason when I start eating well; (healthy and moderately).. as soon as the getting gets good, and I start to lose (I sabotoge myself)  Why?

I think you could classify me as an emotional eater.  That's probably a big part of why I sabotage.  All those underlying issue's.  They say even people who have gastric bipass don't keep it off unless they change those underlying reason's why they eat.

Would anyone like to share with me their success with losing weight.  Especially if you didn't do it by way of diet pills or exercising yourself to death.

Or tips on eating healthy for one, on a limited budget.  Feel free to share recipe's!  Good Luck to everyone else struggling with their weight.  And God bless all of you willing to share your experience's here.

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I found the doco "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead" REALLY helpful and motivating. From the research Dr Michael Mosely did in that doco on intermittent fasting the "Fast Diet" was born (or the 5.2 Program/Way of Eating) which is proving to be very successful because you don't have to cut out any foods, you just eat less than 500 cals for two non-consecutive days of the week. So there's little to sabotage and you don't feel deprived. There are now dedicated Facebook sites for the program.



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Hi there,<br />
I had a weight problem as well, and I did not even eat much. Through a lot of research over the years, I discovered that it has to do with what I was eating and how I was eating.<br />
<br />
Also, I have learned that weight loss is not the end-all. My health is very important to me. So I have learned how to cook and eat delicious meals that are healthy, easier to digest, good for bowel movements, and I lost the weight automatically. <br />
<br />
I have managed to put all my research and experience into a book called Master of Your Destiny 1: Take Control of Your Health. It is available on www.masterofyourdestiny.com<br />
<br />
I will post a recipe for you the next time I visit. Incidentally I am writing a recipe book that should be on the website in a few days.<br />
Keep going! Chihera

Weight gone - Diabetes gone! It worked for me.<br />
<br />
Gosh I was simply browsing and came across the topic of weight loss. My wife and I both had the problem of sloooooly gaining weight over the years - it really does sneak up on you a pound at a time. Overweight folks did not get that way over night and so the solution takes time too.<br />
<br />
I'm an engineer - so I look at it as "Calories In - Calories Burned = Weight Change" and that can up or down depending on the other two variables. Most folks try the reduced Calories In (dieting) and it helps, but the other one involving some exercise is critical to burn off calories. But knowing that still did not help me as I gained anyway over a 15 year period. My wife, who treid every diet known with limited success, began a gym routine and quit counting calories. She just eats right and exercises and she lost 40 pounds over about 4 years.<br />
<br />
Me - I was already a diabetic taking two prescriptions. I had joined her at the gym and was actually adding muscle and therefore weight- Oh I looked better, but still overweight. When the trainer measured my BMI for me - she said "You need to get some time on that treadmill". And so it began. In two years I have lost 37 pounds, down to high school weight, and have systematically eliminated all my prescriptions including the ones for diabetes. I have run several marathons, I run about 3 times a week and it has become very easy to go out and run 3, 6, or 10 miles when I wish to do so. By the way, I'm 65 and my wife is 60. She reduced her dress size from 18 to 10. I reduced my waist from 36 to 32 - it's a lot of alterations, but I love the new me and my wife is scrumptious.<br />
<br />
Bottom line - some discipline in what you eat - almost anything white (rice, pasta, potatoes and those carbohydrates) is a bad thing - do them in great moderation. We all know about sweets, but Atkins was right about carbs and the Heart Assoc. finally acknowledged he was right about carbs.<br />
<br />
Lastly exercise is critical. With join a gym or take up outdoor running. When I bagan I could only run for 1-2 minutes. Of course a marathon is more like 4 hours for me- but imagine running steady for 4 hours.<br />
<br />
I hope all of this is helpful. Best of luck!

You have already received some great tips here. Here is a link you might want to look into, as well: http://www.mindfuleating.org/MindfulEating.html.<br />
<br />
Have a blessed day!

It is time to love our bodies; to nurture; to caress our arms, legs, tummy, we need to give ourselves love and nourishment . Do we choose to abuse our bodies or not to abuse. Ask ourself that question everyday and write, write, write, until we are answering and acting upon positive answers. May God bless!

I lost 60lbs and have ten more to go. I have three kids and a full time job and couldnt get to the gym either. I am also broke lol. I stared out slowing cutting back portions. Then I actually starting paying attention to fat and calories. I never had to buy special food, just ate less of what everyone else is eating. After I put my kids to bed I work out every night on my gazalle(hey if u use it, thing works)and this week I started yoga booty ballet for toning. I cheat every month on my period but that's it. No sweets, juice, soda and bakery items lol. If u have the will u can do it

I have read all the comment previous to his one and I am beginning to do as some of what was suggested here. I will post later in regards to how it is going.<br />
<br />
One thing that I have been asking myself recently is... Am I really hungry or is it that I am eating out of boredom?<br />
<br />
I have posted several signs around the apt (which my friends have chuckled at) and ask myself that question whenever I get the urge to eat.<br />
<br />
You might try this as well as I am finding that I am answering it as I am bored more than I am hungry.<br />
<br />
Thought I would toss my 2 onion rings (coins) into the discussion.

I just started this MediFast program 3 days ago. I know this first weight loss is just water or whatever, but I have went from 248 to 241 in 3 days. Its tough, but I know with this instant success I will stick to it, I never could when the progress was so slow, I always thought whats ther point. Before I had success with keeping my carb intake to about 30 per meal, and 15 per snack. That was hard because I had to keep track of every carb I ate.

I have recently just lost 17 lbs. I have battled with my weight for the past two years. No matter what I did I was not losing any weight. I tried eating less and exercising, but nothing worked. <br />
My aunt recommended that I do a stomach cleanse. I bought an all natural herbal cleanse that lasted 21 days. With the program you have to drink lots of water, and no red meats, or pork. Within four days I lost 4 lbs. At the end of the 21 days I lost 17 lbs. I have begun to eat like I normally do and I have not gained the weight back, in fact, I have been losing about 1.5 lbs. a week. <br />
My point to this story is: in order for me to lose weight I neede to jump start my metabolism by starting my weight loss with clean intestines. Then your body just kind of functions better. It is better able to process the food.<br />
Maybe this will be beneficial to you because it certainly helped me!

I must stay on an eating program that is entirely free of all grains and flours, sugars and anything dairy. <br />
<br />
They effect me like alcohol or crack .... and take me down for the count and out of the game. So I must treat them as poison. This is from years of observation and frustration and anger: "Why can't I just have a little bit like the normal people?" Because it can trigger a two-week binge and food hangover and raging depression, that's why! Oh. Sigh. Well, all right.<br />
<br />
So instead I make sure I make large quantities of fresh food I can have in large quantites if I want it ... fresh juice (today was watermelon, and I still have 4 quarts left, which is comforting)<br />
<br />
Huge salads (NO COMMERCIAL DRESSING with is full of unhealthy oils and sugars) instead I make my own salad dressing (it takes 1 minute) with fresh Virgin Coconut Oil, a dash of Virgin Olive Oil, Raw Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, stevia, and curry powder. Yum! No sugar and very healthy oil.<br />
<br />
My other treat is to bake up giant sweet potatoes and yams and have as much as I want with a bit of cinnamon. This keeps me away from grains and dairy and gives me the comfort feeling I want.

you want to know how I lost 25 pounds? I stopped worrying about it and stopped makign it my concern. When I thought about losing weight and saw progress...it was always reward time and I would gorge on food. That's when I stopped looking at the scale. It sounds like you need to mentally trick yourself into not thinking you are dieting even though you are. You know what I mean? Anyhow, I drank lots of water and green tea, which is not only an antioxidant but that also helps you lose without trying. It cuts on fat. Also, one thing I stopped was eating after 3pm. And if you can, certain vinegars that you can use in cooking and salads naturally cut fat. So, the weight just came off. Sometimes at night I would be hungry (couldn't sleep) and would have a glass of milk or juice and maybe a cookie. Sometimes I would have a sandwich...a small one with milk to help me sleep, but I still lost 25 pounds. If you feel the need to eat munchies...do it differently..like suck on an ice cube, or a low calorie flavored ice pop, chew on gum, buy a ton of carrots or celery and pretend that they are french fries. If you must have that burger or that banana split..do it..but once in a while to treat yourself. Fruit can be very healthy and also help you lose weight. I would eat blueberries like they were candy. The same with strawberries. Plums help you go to the bathroom, so its good roughage. I may not be perfect but not looking at that scale helped me to stop sabotaging myself. I did however do calorie counting and it worked. The water was also good because I also flushed out my system. And, if you can..join a club..even to just go in the sauna. And if they have a jacuzzi and/or steamroom..its a plus because there's your reward. If you can, buy eucalyptus oil and put it in a sprayer. Mix it with water and then spray it when you are in there. Its really nice, relaxing and makes you feel like a million bucks. Its a great place to relax the muscles, sweat out toxins and find some quiet and alone time. I hope this helps.

Good luck.<br />
<br />
I have lost 11 pounds during the first week of Sep 2008. I have been able to maintained the weight loss.<br />
<br />
I am starting a new cycle of the program today and will be posting my results during the next 14 days.<br />
<br />
This is my first lesson that I have learned - <br />
Hunger is the cramps and the dizzyness that I get when I do not eat.<br />
Craving is my mind telling me I have to eat.<br />
Respond only to hunger and do not over eat.

My husband is going through something similar so I understand your struggle. Here are my two cents:<br />
You sabotage yourself if you cut out too much...try to do this-portion control. Instead of 2 servings have only one, our rule of thumb, take one serving of what you want and that's it...no seconds. Try to have healthier versions of what you eat (whole grain, brown, skim, fat free, low fat...) and measure if it helps and if you have time...otherwise buying frozen lean cuisines and other meals under 400 cal are good...and you can stock up when on sale. And besides the food....stay active! You don't have to hit the gym...work out outside, in your home-my hubby does the elliptical or treadmill for 30-45 min and really push yourself (only if you are healthy and able) and he eats 3 meals and 3 snacks with plenty of water. He has already lost 20 pds working on the other 30-40. But the main thing is not to get discouraged...if you slip, get right back on and once you start to see results you won't have trouble staying motivated! Good luck!!!!

My prayers are with you. I think you have made the first step in realizing all you have and what you want. Start your plan with your doctor and work it.<br />
<br />

I tried every diet for about 15 years until I finally came accross someone that taught about balanced nutrition. What adequate nutrition does for you is 2 things. First, it keeps you satisfied - the signal gets to the brain that it has the nutiriton it needs for the day - so you are not always hungry. It is hard not to eat when you are hungry. <br />
Second - adequate nutrition manages cravings. You will not crave sweets, junk food. You will have a tendency to then eat better foods.<br />
<br />
There is a great national call on Tuesdays that anybody can get on. 5 PST 507-726-3345 Pass code - 74761<br />
It is all about balance and how to easily get adequate nutrition, which then leads to weight loss and wellness.

tips for losing weight I am not so sure about, but tips for eating healthy for one I can definitely do! Vegetables are reasonably priced, but they only stay fresh for so long, so thats not always an option. My favorite thing in the world has become frozen vegetables. They are often on sale, and keep for years, so can easily be boughten several at a time during a sale. You can get stir fry vegetable which you can use in curry, as well as your basic stir fry. Curry paste can be found in the ethnic food aisle (the Thai kitchen green curry paste is amazing, and makes several meals). Most curry pastes are extremely easy to use, so don't let the word curry scare you. Rice pilaf with the frozen vegetables is fantastic as well, though I should use more veggies and less rice. I have more, but those are my most relied upon. PM me and we can talk more, I would love to hear about what you have been eating!