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Hi all,


I've just joined.

The weight thing is not something which upsets me but maybe because I'm insecure about myself I am one of probably thousands of people who believe that if I lost weight then the man of my dreams would ring my doorbell(he'd have to - I don't really go out!!) we'd get married and have beautiful children. He would be rich and insist I give up work, my family would get along for once, I'd actually start living my life instead of existing it, and I'd make strong new good friends who accepted me for me and I wouldn't be constantly conscioud of whether or not people liked me!!)

I am tired of constantly thinking about what I will eat and if that method will help me loose weight. I did join a gym and sometimes go at it hammer and thongs then at other times rarely go. - either way it doesn't seem to make a vast difference. I actually want to be skinny though and that is probably not achieveable.

I vary on a weekly basis from doing ww points to Gillian McKeith methods to only eating veg all day etc etc. Each method contradicts the other and then at the end of it all I just pig out. Ultimately I eat at night because I am on my own - I could go all day and not eat a thing. Lonliness is a killer - wish It would make me eat less though!!


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Hi, I have started a page on facebook that could be encouraging for you. Come check it out, I share healthy recipes along with my own weight loss progress. :) "Aprils weight loss solutions"

Hi wish I was Happy,!
you can be happy. I personally know that if given the right direction, guidance and understanding, life turns around. It did for me. For me it was about timing, and one day a gal popped onto my facebook and said to me are you willing to listen to what I know is the top in the nation nutrition that can make you lose the weight you are dreading without a lot of exercise? I jumped all over it! now I am down 64 lbs. God puts people in our paths for a reason. Maybe I am suppose to be your angel.

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love your self this has helped me lose weight within 6 days an i am happy to share my story with anyone that wants to lose weight because this product works its flushes fat out of your system its amazing.<br />

I too used to think like that.. that my life would be better when I lost weight.. I finally realised that if I waited for the withgt to come off then I wouldn't have a life.<br />
<br />
Since then I've pretty much accepted me for who I am, now it's not about what size clothes I wear but about how I feel health wise, if I keep that in mind then it's easier to watch what I eat and exercise.<br />
<br />
I still have my blow outs but they're nowhere near as bad as they used to be.<br />
<br />
The lonliness thing is the killer for me too, but I know the man of my dreams is out there, in fact I think I've already met him, and that's because I've finally been able to accept myself for who I am warts and all.<br />
<br />
You need to be able to love yourself first before anyone else can come into your life..

being skinny wont bring the man of your dreams into your life. You should work on your self esteem and confidence. No man will ever love you unless you first love yourself. Your reasons for losing weight should be your health more than anything. Being overweight puts pressure on your body and organs and is not healthy. Good luck for the future.