I have decided to lose weight as well. I am 195 pds and 5' 3" . I have been slacking quite a bit in these last few years, not really taking care of myself. Funny how many other things in my life followed suit. 


I am desperate to change my life. A lot of things have been affected by the fact that I have no confidence in myself. I figure I''ll start losing weight and exercising for better health, mentally as well as physically.


Could use some encouraging words .


Take care all

minousy minousy
3 Responses Nov 20, 2008

You have to believe in yourself, its the first thing, second you have to take some action. Maybe this can help. the FORM capsule, its an all natural gastric bulking agent, it expands in your stomach, creating a fullness sensation. You eat less, you lose weight, you fell great. Thousands of lives are changing.<br />

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I think you hit on the notion of the combination of 'lack of confidence' and 'not taking care of yourself.' This is very common in life that leads to weight gain. So if you start 'taking care of yourself i.e., exercising, choosing the right foods and proper portions, etc. it stands to reason that losing weight and gaining confidence will follow. The key, as everyone knows is discipline. The just say 'no' mentality. I know when I am going against 'my program' to lose weight. I keep having to say to myself, stop! If I do what is the right thing to lose weight I will live longer, have more self-esteem, and lose weight. Good-luck to you.