Now Is the Time

I'm done procrastinating. The longer I wait to start living a healthy life, the longer it will take me to look and feel the way I want and the more fat I will pack on. Last week, I was eating whatever I wanted to and laying around the house all day. I bought a box of 6 cupcakes and ate them ALL in one day! I stepped on the scale and what I saw was unacceptable. I decided right then that I was ready to make a change.
    I went to the grocery store and I bought fruits, veggies and low-fat and calorie foods. I purchased Raisin Bran instead of Cocoa Pebbles and yogurt instead of ice cream. Then I went to the Vitamin Shoppe and bought a multivitamin and some supplements (not the caffeine filled weight loss supplements- the healthy kind!) After my errands, I went to the gym and worked out for an hour. I have begun to use to keep track of my calorie intake and expenditure.
    It's only been three days since I started my new life and I feel better already! Every day I am one day closer to my goal. The best thing is the pride I feel for taking care of myself and the knowledge that my body is getting the nutrition and exercise it needs.
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4 Responses Jul 18, 2007

Tell me about it. Mon, Tues, Wed, and half of Thursday, I starved myself eating very little food and only healty food, then last night, Kentucky fried chicken, mac and cheese, potatoes, gravy and biscuits with butter and orange soda. This morning a hamburger and pepsi. I feel like a loser.

Yeah I just ate a personal pizza and dessert and I ate McDonalds yesterday... I am so mad at myself.<br />

Great start! One of my goals is to start working out again ( I momentarily stopped) and keeping track of my calories sounds like a good idea too.<br />
<br />

Awesome start!! I just started a diet and fitness routine on Monday, and I've committed to blogging about it to that I feel like I'm connected to a group that is supporting me and also held accountable for my goals. If you want to start a blog about it too we can track eachother!