I normally don't have a weight problem. People tell me that i'm skinny. However; every now and then i would get a weight problem. When i'm PMSing i gain a few pounds. December has been a tough month for me and it's the holiday season. I went thru a very difficult time. I got depressed from time to time which has turned me into an emotional eater. Normally when i get upset or depressed, i refuse to eat and stay away from food cuz my appettite goes down. But that's not the case this month. I gained some pounds and i feel like a freaking cow. My main problem is SWEETS and chocolate. I gotta have it everyday.I wish i could quite it cuz i do i'd loose so much weight. I want to feel better and hit the gym. Any tips or suggestions to feel better and get out of my hole?!

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i am gonna start working out with my sister who is kinda lazy but hopefully things will get better. I'm excited that she and i r going to work out together. But damn chocolate it's just addictive and tastes so good.

Diet Chocolate or portion control. Are both possibilities. This is a new year and find something to look forward to. Maybe find another lady to exercise with. Someone you can share your feelings with and at the same time exercise. Good luck in 2009.