My Perception

All my life, I have been told that I can "get away" with extra pounds because I'm tall.  However, I don't feel this way at all.  If anything, I feel like I am constantly under scrunity about my weight since I am tall.  Whenever I go anywhere, I hear the comments and snickers behind my back.  "Wow she is tall."  "That girl is huge."  "Did you see her?"  Some people are so crass as to come up to me and say "How tall are you?"  Do I go around asking people "How short are you?"  But anyway, since people seem to always be looking at me wether I like it or not, I always feel the need to lose weight. 
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1 Response Jul 29, 2007

I agree that people can be very rude. I want to tell you that a lot of people are jealous of talk girls - jealousy is a huge reason that people make rude comments.
Don't hate your body. I know many who would probably want to look like you.
You will always "stand out" but try to use that to your advantage! Turn that into a positive thing rather than letting them make you feel embarrassed. :)
If you're uncomfortable with your weight, honestly , just start looking in the mirror every day, telling yourself that you're beautiful, smart, happy, etc. it works. Every time you look in the mirror...
Just my thoughts.