Beautiful Fat Me!

You know the girl that's walking down the road and you stick out your head and shout "Jenny Craig's the other way!"  That's me.  I am obese, not curvy, not pleasantly plump - but obese, fat, overweight and generally the person that you thank God you're not. 

I am 5' and weigh 265 lbs - who does that to themselve?? ME  I didn't plan to gain weight - When I was a teenager my life goal was not "gee someday I hope I can be as big as cow"   I am not in love with my figure, I do not love the skin I am in and I am tired of being different, of skulking past mirrors so I don't have to see the real me. 

I don't know about anyone else but I WANT OUT of the skin I am in and I want a redo!!  It was easy to gain weight but hard as hell to lose it.  I am so tired of people making this assumptions about me and my life - who I am, how I feel, why I am fat. 

Oh I could tell you how I fought several diseases, was in a major car accident and how life and stress brought me down but here's the truth, the harsh ugly truth - yes those things happened to me but I GOT LAZY and STOPPED caring and now I am stuck with what I see before me.  I am hoping to change it - really hoping to change it.  I will be 40 in a few months and would like to show something for it... Like some serious weight loss...

Any suggestions are welcome!!!  Honesty is brutal but at least it's honest. 

ChiTea ChiTea
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I felt just like you when I was growing up. The way people spoke to me and treated me was different to slimmer people so I always felt like I must have been obese and super ugly (though I have never been obese and I am not hideous). Laziness is something anyone with extra fat on their body can understand... Stress, laziness and lack of time lead me to gain some extra weight though luckily it isn't as much as it could have been. I hope you were able to get back onto your journey to a healthier and different you. Feel free to reach out to me to chat. I think it's great to talk to people that can relate and help each other out along the way :)

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I took 10 kilos from these last year and as you I was desperate. I try everything, all diet program, sport but I never lose more than 2 kilos. They came back so quickly.

That was until I discover a new healthy product. The healthy ingredient inside help me a lot.

I lose 12 kilos in 3 months without change any of my behaviors.
For sure I continue to take care of my diet.

I m not her to make any advertising but to explain that we always can find something working for yourself.

I hope you will find your way to lose your excess weigh and I wish you a good continuation.
I m glad to give my support to you.
Ps: sorry for my english(

I've just been going on walks everyday with my dog at the dog park, and eating healthy. Lost 10 lbs in a week. It's really about your dedication and will power.

10 pounds in a week is unhealthy!

aim for 3 pounds a week

Don't listen to these people.

pills are the answer. Inbox me ill tell you how I dropped 45 lbs in 3 months taking "over the counter" pills that are 100% legal.

Sounds like spam or BS but whatever, make the choice... Do I want to be overweight and really unhealthy or do I want to drop weight easily and start feeling better?

Yeah of course exercise and a proper diet need to follow but seriously, drop some pounds --- then begin to exercise.

Or laugh at me and pay for a gym membership or weight watchers membership for nothing.

you decide.

at 5' tall, 265lbs, yes pills would be better than going to the gym. You can't just start doing any form of exercise that would be worth anything at that size.

I guess you'd rather take advice from a poor man on how to get rich...

and let me guess, u just happen to be able to supply those pills, at a supposedly reduced cost. pills are not the answer or every overweigh person on the planet would be swallowing them.

I know this post is rather old but I did a search for weight loss stories and came across yours. I was just wondering... did you find anything you like? I'm doing Weight Watchers on the DL (I didn't join, I'm doing it with my mom and she keeps me posted on the rules) and so far I love it! Well, not LOVE it, I don't love not eating all the crap I want, of course, but I do love losing weight! I started last November and lost 5 lbs, then I had some sort of melt-down (yeah, my hormones are AWFUL) and took an entire month. I started back up about 2 weeks ago and so far, so good. I only gained back 2 lbs of the five I lost over the break (I was lucky!) and I lost it in the first 2 days I started eating right again. So far I've lost a total of 10 lbs and although I don't feel (or look, for that matter) an ounce lighter, I can tell my body is changing. Its so encouraging that I've even kept to a short exercise regime this week that I hope sticks! Its too overwhelming for me to commit to walking 40 mins 3-4 times a week so I just turn on Gilad's Bodies in Motion on Discovery Health and Fit channel. If you fast-forward through the commercials its only about 20 mins and I don't always do everything they do but I do what I can and so far its working out.

I hope this helps, if you still need it. I've found that I can follow Weight Watchers pretty well just by looking up stuff online or with phone apps. If you're interested, email me and I can give you the details. Good luck!

Herbalife and I know by experience that it works just ask if you want anymore info, good luck x

would you like to start changing all that?

Try to embrace the fat

I feel for you kid

We would love to help you! We have an incredible support group on FB. My husband and I are beachbody coaches. Have you heard of P90X? We have so many workout for all needs and goals. we also have a meal replacement shake, ALL natural. Most shakes have artificial flavors or sweetners. It is so important what you put into your body. 80% nutrition 20% exercise! - email us:)

I will help you with your journey while getting in the best shape of your life, one day at a time,free of charge..
contact me via email...
helping the universe get healthier one human at a time...
Let's go life is too short..
live, love and laugh often...sincerely Paul Banaduchi

Paul...You are a wonderful person for offering this person your help.. I truly Need someone like you in my life...God Bless You.

begin an exercise plan that is supported and approved by your diet, and try your darndest to pay attention to what you eat.. an easy way to do this that I have read about is; when you eat do not do any thing else actually go get your food sit at a table and consciousley eat (meaning participate fully) dont read a book, watch tv, listen to the radio or any thing else sit and eat and pay attention to what your doin how your eating and what your eating... this is supposed to bring a heightened awareness to what and how your eating and do this every time that you eat meals, snacks every single may also help to make a chart of all that you eat every day, and you can begin to cut out the stuff that is totally unhealthy for you and start replacing it with things that you enjoy just as much that are healthy foods (plus it just helps to actually see everything that you eat).... awareness and exercise

Hi there- I can relate in a big way. I wanted to tell myself that 235 wasn't that much! Crazy when I think back. I went to the Biggest Loser Resort in California last march and it was exactly what I needed. Not a quick fix by any definition but it did give me the jump start I needed. It's affiliated with the show but not like the show! Basically their approach is eat right and exercise but they not only teach you how, they prove to you exactly how capable you are! When I left the resort I knew what to do in the gym- I didn't feel like the fat, awkward girl who doesn't even know how to get on a treadmill. I was able to walk in, use a piece of equipment and know that I was capable of staying on it for 45 minutes without dying. And believe me when I say I used to think that. I thought I would die after ten minutes! But the truth is I didn't, I thrived! That was many pounds ago and I couldn't be more grateful. Best investment ever! If you would like more details, let me know. Good luck and just know that you can do this! You are more capable than you know!!

Hi ChiTea. Well, I know it must be hard for you not being comfortable in your own skin, but first you need to accept yourself and see your worth and value then you will succeed and reach those weight goals. I agree with some of the comments that people left you here. You definitely should look at your eating habits, what are you eating that is causing this type of weight gain? I have met people who normally don't eat a lot yet they are obese and it is usually because of stress, etc. These things can also have an impact on our health. So think about it, are you too stressed? Do you eat late at night? Do you eat a lot of fast food? Or sweets? What is causing this stress aside from your weight? First come to peace from within and that will help you find you peace overall. I know of people who think eating healthy is eating only salads and they are wrong. Eating healthy is eating a well balance meal. You can eat fruits, veggies in different ways, you can eat them raw or steamed, or make a soup out of carrot or tomato, look into it research about these healthy recipes you will be surprised at how many delicious year healthy food recipes you can find. And as hard as it may be to change your eating habits it will be worth it in the long run. Once you get use to it you will see the benefit of eating healthy. You can still eat normal and be full by eating healthy. It does not mean starve yourself if you starve yourself first you will regain all the way back once you start eating normal, and second you may lead you self to an eating disorder which is what I have and trust me you don't want to go there it is a horrible habit that messes with your head, body and self esteem as well. Look at pics that inspire you to be a better version of yourself, because you are great now but you can be ever better when you make a life changing decision like eating healthy and working out. You don't need a gym to work out. Star out simple walk around your block if you get inspired to go to a gym later on then do it. You have the power to change your life and the way that you look at yourself, but first you have to accept where you are at now to get to where you want to be later. And don't ever I repeat ever think of it as a DIET. Eating healthy is not a diet, is a lifestyle diets do not work! No offense to anyone who has dieted and kept the weight off, but usually most of the time they do not work. Eating healthy for life does! Hope it helped take care

Firstly you have to think of LIFESTYLE change not diet,this means looking at what you eat,cut out sugary foods,cut out processed foods,take-aways(take-outs) eat a balanced diet of veg,salad and meat/fowl/fish.Increase your exercise time,swimming or waterairobics are good for all over exercise and toning,cycling and walking also burn off calories.Hope this helps and if you wish message me and let me know how your doing.


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wow thats great how did you lose 50 in 3 months i really need help losing weight can u halp me

i meant help me

I lost lots of weight when I fell in love with a sport. I still wanna lose more

Guys, please don't give up. I am in the same boat. I had the Lap Band in March 2011 and I haven't lost a pound. In fact, I have gained, I did really well the first two weeks after the surgery and slowly but surely, I went back to my old habits; chips, burritos, candy, soda, if it was uncomfortable to eat, I'd just wait til the feeling passed and kept on going...I really thought this was going to be the "thing" that would do it for me and instead I just found another way to sabotage myself. I read your stories and I want to offer you so much positive hope that with exercise and diet, you will lose the weight. I am trying to do the same thing. This week I started eating oatmeal and an english muffin for breakfast. I usually talked myself into buying McDonalds every morning on the way to work but for four days now I have stuck to breakfast at home. It is so freaking hard when you are tired and just don't care at the end of your day but you have to try to do a little thing every day. It's the only way. Good luck!!

You NEED to get Body by me and we can talk about it!!!! research it and go to my Visalus website and I will encourage you, challenge you and help you to be strong!!! I am not only hear to promote this product but to guide you in the right direction!! I am a nurse and I see so many people with illnesses that could have been prevented by just being healthy!!! email: or sign up at

*here not hear sorry

I'm really happy for you because it sounds like you are at the point in your life where you are really READY to make a change and commit to something. There are lots of different options out there that can help you lose weight, but the two most important things are: eating right (not dieting or starving yourself...eating RIGHT) and exercise. I think that you should find a program that can offer you support and motivation and a team that will hold you accountable for eating right and exercise. If that's something you're really interested in, I can help you. It's something I love to do and it is really rewarding to me to help others. I work with an awesome group of people like you who have decided that it's time to make a change in their lives, and they stay committed because they want it badly, they hold each other accountable, and they see results. Let me know if you want to know more about it. Send me a message if you want!

Hey girl, My name is Misty. I recently was self conscious of my body, I wouldn't say that I was obese per say but for my self I felt that way! I knew what my body "should" look like and every time I tried on my clothes I would get frustrated. I recently joined Body By ViSalus....It is amazing way to get healthy, loose weight and feel confident about yourself. You can go to my Facebook page: I have a lot of great information on there! I am on a journey to help people like you to feel better about themselves shed those pounds and just be healthy! Not only does obesity lead to many health risks it can be damaging to your emotional state as well. I want to help you!! <br />
<br />
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good luck. i know you can do it if you want it bad enough! i wrote down everyhing i ate daily (and i mean EVERYTHING) in a journal when i was losing weight and made sure i never ate over 1500 cal a day. it really worked for me as it made me be strict with myself and acknowledge my downfalls. x

Losing weight is a lifestyle change. It's not how we eat so much as how much nutrients our bodies get from what we eat no matter what we choose. Now of course the healthier choices are obvious, and are always well recommended. But how much of that quality goodness is your body absorbing? That's the more important factor.<br />
<br />
Find out more information,<br />
<br />
I'm Peter and I can help you get started on your happiness.

Hey,<br />
I suggest you try Body By Vi!!!<br />
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Have you heard of the Gabriel Method. search for him and read his book. i lost weight just by starting to read his book.

Have you heard of the Gabriel Method. search for him and read his book. i lost weight just by starting to read his book.

Keep it up! It's all to easy to get discouraged, but killing those extra pounds isn't easy (I don't like to say "lose pounds" because it implies I can find them again!) and it takes time. <br />
If you want some real practical advice, Check out the "Eat this, Not That!" series. I'm not a fan of buying books like that, so I usually just check them out from the library. You would be SHOCKED at the hidden calories in the the things you thought were healthy, plus downright disgusted at what you were really eating at seemingly ok restaurants (like 2,000 calorie pasta dishes, etc.)! <br />
Daily exercise really is the key to losing weight. The more you do, the more you can do, and the more you want to do. I've NEVER been athletic, in fact, I couldn't run a mile in college, high school, or middle school. But a month or so ago I tried running. At first I only made it an eight of a mile (panting heavily by the end of it) to being able to run (slowwwwly) 2 miles! Every time I went out there, I went a little further and it was a little easier. It was pretty hard on my ankles though. So find a pretty place to walk around, and don't feel bad for being tired. My mood is always better when I take the time to be active, and that seems to provide more motivation to keep going.<br />
Good luck to you. I commend you for being honest, most people aren't. Your body will treat you the way you treat it, so make it happy with healthy food and moving around.

You're attitude inspires me. I know so many people who are willing to blame ANYTHING on the circumstances or people around them, and it may alleviate the way they feel, but it doesn't solve the problem. I, too, have been lazy. I recently got married to a wonderful man with lots and lots of friends who drink pitchers of beer together regularly and--before I knew it--put on about thirty pounds in under a year. For months, my excuse has been "if he's going to continue to eat crap and not care, why should I?" But I'm starting to experience pain from all the weight. It's time a take a cue from your wonderful ability to be honest with yourself, get off my butt, and DO something, whether my husband decides to or not...

You and your husband should definable try body by Visalus.....My best friend was extremely over weight and was sick of it and she started going to the gym and after 3 months nothing was happening after 6 months nothing was happening!! I told her she need to cut down her calories but also supplement it with vital nutrients the body needs!! I want to help you....give me your hand and I will be by your side the entire time. The body by Vi is a 90 day challenge and gives you instant gratification. I will call you and check up on you and I will make sure that your program is tailored to you and your husbands needs. My website is Also if you want to hit me up on Facebook find me at I GAURANTEE Results!! TODAY is the first day of the rest of your life and I want to not only help you shed those pounds but make you healthy and ride you of the risks obesity can cause. You can also call me 575-496-1788. I look forward to hearing from you! LOVE, LIGHT AND HAPPINESS!

I feel the same ways as you do a year ago i weighed 160, I gave up and stopped caring. <br />
Now i weigh 230 and im 17.<br />
Its hard especially to gain all that weight so fast.

I am there with you.<br />
I know how you feel.. I feel the same way!<br />
<br />
lets inspire each other!

And there are a few things else.....Do not weigh yourself more than once a week.....With water weight it is a killer.....Some days I am five pounds more than the day before.....After slaty chips or chili fries......And do not just go by what it says on the scale.....Mus. weighs more than fat....So also go by the way your cloths are fitting.....and also inches....are you really less that you were before.....But I do agree that you can not beat yourself up when you stumble....Just start once more...<br />
<br />
But you do need to treat yourself once in a while...You just can not say...I will never eat chocolat anymore.....If it is chocolate that you love...well just get some real great stuff....And give yourself a small piece once a week....or when you hit goals....That way you are more apt to stick to it....and not go over board....<br />
'I know how you feel.....I am 5-4...and when I started in Aug. I was almost 240....BUt now I am almost 35 pounds less....and am still working towards being half the woman than when I started.....and I am almost 49

About a year ago I was at around 260, I am not sure because my scale only went up to 250 and it was past that. To get to the 205 I am at now I have focused on 4 main points. It's truly not rocket science you have to burn more then you eat and you will lose weight. <BR><BR>1) exercise - everyday if I can, but at least 5 to 6 times a week for at least an hour, sometimes more. Find something you like to do, walking is always a good start, then as you get into better shape you can add other things. <BR><BR>2) eat a low fat diet - if I have a choice I eat low fat but I am not crazy.<BR><BR>3) portion control - eat a normal size portion. I started by eating half of what I used to eat because I got fat because I was over eating and it's okay to be hungry.<BR><BR>4) stop emotional eating - eating is to give your body energy and nothing more nothing less.<BR><BR>Just stay motivated because if you do it will work and if you fall of the wagon, that night or the next day get right back on. Remember it's a lifestyle change not a diet.

I know how you feel i want to lose weight too.<br />
<br />

Thank you for all the wonderful advice and encouragement!! For the first time I really feel like I am not alone in this process. <br />
<br />
My doctor says surgery is not an option because I am not an over eater - I just usually eat once a day... so I am working on that. I am averaging about 4 small meals a day and am trying really hard to hit the targeted 6 my doctor has for me. <br />
<br />
I bought the biggest loser workout and the BL Yoga camp and am alternating those every other day! (I am headed to day 3)

N0.1.d0nt hate urSelf.n0.2.take it this way..its jst a temp0rary state.s0oN u wil go to ur perfct b0dy avTar..nd dn try to eat m0re frequently.yes.i did said m0re frequntly.filup d gapS BetweEn meals wit fruits n othr l0w fat f0ods.d f0od takes a lot of cAlories to get ch0ose f0ods dat advice implies if u r a xtreme f0odl0ver n siriusly adicteD to eating.if n0t stik 2 a g0od diet.c0j smtymz dat meth0d cAn bakfire!and dn dnt do laBorous xrcise if u realy dEsPise a altrnative try swimin,dancing,cycling watevr u like.i wud rec0mEnd yoga.dn again small eForts d0es get c0unt.uze stairz instead of lifts,go to l0ng walKS wit ur d0g or bestfrnd or b0yfrnd.or start a walKng grup!

Ok. As Enna says, motivation is half the battle. I'm male, so it's a little easier, but I'm holding at about 175 down from about 230 in 2003. This was a combination of basic sensible eating (eliminate snacks, eat more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, reduce fat and sugar) and drastically increased exercise...working up to 1.5 hours a day. It just has to be a priority, and the only way *I* can do that is to find something fun.<br />
The secretary in my office was motivated to lose weight after a severe weight related medical problem. No excuses everyday regular walking (plus sensible eating) has ripped 60+ pounds off of her. Life and death is a strong motivator.<br />
<br />
Another work colleague did have surgery. It helped her for a while, but she's altered her eating habits to circumvent the work and has regained half of the lost weight. <br />
<br />
Surgery ought to be a last resort...

ChiTea, you are doing the right thing!! You just have to jump back in the game. I have chronic pain and when my husband and I did our taxes I couldn't believe all the medical bills. I am 33 years old. I started working my *** off three and a half weeks ago and feel better already. We can do this! It's time to be more proactive in our lives. I hope everything works for you!

You may find that gastric banding is a good solution for you. Altho' a lot of people confuse gastric banding with stomach stapling, it is NOT the same thing at all. <br />
<br />
It tends to be an expensive operation so you will probably need health insurance - you can check that out depending on the country you live in.<br />
<br />
Gastric banding is NOT a magic cure but it does allow you to not feel hungry and that is a HUGE help. Nor is it dangerous for your health as some other obesity surgery can be.<br />
<br />
Whatever you decide to do, I wish you luck. Half the battle is deciding to do something about yyour problem, so you are well on your way!!<br />

I hear ya ChiTea (cool username by the way)<br />
People can be harsh and cruel. I have battled with my weight for years and am about to turn 41. For me, food is a short term solution like when I feel down and disappointed or stressed. <br />
<br />
It will take work, hard work but I am not ready to give up yet! How cool would it be if we both could accomplish this weight loss and have the thrill of showing people that we did it and look fabulous. Let's get back on that horse and ride into town and kick some butt! Yeah!!<br />
<br />
and btw, cool2005, that comment sounded a bit cold.