Do It For Yourself

I am 5'5 tall, and I currently weigh 117 lbs. I don't need to lose wight now, but I need to be healthy still, and as long as I live! I've lost weight, gained muscle, gained weight, lost muscle mass, it's a boring game of tug-o-war. Even now at such a low weight, I don't see my body as I'd like it to be, because I don't feel healthy.

I've battled with my weight. I've been at war with my weight and more importantly how I view myself. It's hard looking in the mirror and thinking about the time I've wasted worrying about the way my body looks, and yet I'm at it again. Health is my new goal. Scratch a lower number on the scale, that's not going to make my life better right this second. The best medicine is self esteem and health. Know you're worth it and know how to love yourself uniquelly. We are all different but I know we all require this self love, in it's most basic form.


Weight loss AWESOME TIPS:

-Drink Water as often as you find time to. It'll help you to stay satisfied (0often thirst is mistaken for hunger)


-Cut out fast food (Capitalist ****** + Corporate giants like : Macdonalds, KFC, Burger King..ETC.) it's loaded with fat ,sugar, and sodium,  it doesn't satisfy, and it doesn't contribute to your health like an apple or a some toast could.

-Do anything active you can think of. Whatever crosses your mind when you have free time, go out and do it! What's stopping you? I get random thoughts of the outdoors and the bright sun or the beautiful moon, and I rush my butt out the door as soon as I can. It takes some pushing but I'll enjoy a nice 20min walk alone and if I bring a mate we're out even longer, good for my health and it's great for uplifting my mood (I suffer from depression sometimes)

-Great things to consider for snacks:

blueberries!yum! juicy oranges.  Tasty smoothies made with 0 fat yogurt, skim milk, and fruit!any fruit you want!  Veggies with humus (humus is da bomb) Mmmm  Lean Meats with Whole Grain Breads Brown Rice Whole Wheat Pasta  !!!...

Fill your tummy when you get hungry with nutricious foods that taste so gooood ( as long as you can cook well ;) ~)

To lose weight is simple, but it's hard to stay focused, and why should you be focused on it 24/7/365?? I tried that and it didn't work. Instead, Get yourself into a routine, check out a local organics market and indulge in everything nature provides, it'll keep you strong and won't be charged with EXTRA SUGARS EXTRA SODIUM (SALTS) EXTRA FATS!!

And when you're cooking more complicated menu's you begin to notice all the awesome possibilites. You can make any dish yourself and it can be healthy as long as your ingrediants aren't stuffed with unnessary bullshit.

Cravings? Nip em in the butt. Don't give in. Stay strong, enjoy what you have. But always treat yourself to a favourite every month!!! Life it too short to be so narrow..minded..

The Dairy Queen Blizzards are a marvelous concoction! No one can be expected to say no to those babies for an entire life time. NO ONE I SAY!


Alway give out hugs and sweet loving compliments (if you mean it, lyin *******)

It could really brighten someones day and lift their self esteem and it'll come back to you, but I don't have to tell you that, you already know that you luscious lovely people, you. <3 All beautiful, all unique, keep it real!




Best of luck to all of you trying to lose weight, CHEERS, and I believe you're all real strong minded individuals, people to look up to no matter what number the scale reads today.

GingerLily GingerLily
1 Response Feb 13, 2009

Thanks for the tips and good advice. I wish you continued good luck with the ongoing struggle in life to maintain a good balance!