I Am So Dissapointed In Myself!

I'm really dissapointed in myself!I've been trying to lose weight for more than 2 years now.In the past half an year I've lost about 14 pounds and I was really happy with it.But recently I've been really crashing my diet-I ate sweets and still didn't gain weight.That was more than cool.But the thing is for the past 3-4 days I've been eating like a pig.I gained 5 pounds-for 3 days ! I cannot control myself.When I come home from school I eat everything in sight.Like for example today I for dinner I ate 2 honeycakes,2 glasses of milk,4 pieces of bread,a banana and some sausage.I cannot stop.I feel really bad and there's noone I can share it with.I feel like my Mom isn't supporting me at all in trying to lose weight.I know I can't make her not eat the things she wants because of me but ... I have noone to talk to about my weight - and lately it's my biggest concern.I just want to shake of the 5 pounds again and start eating normal.Please help me I don't know what to do ;(

yana113931332844 yana113931332844
Feb 13, 2009