Battle of the Bulge.....a "'New Me"


I'm ashamed to say I am 5'5 and need to lose about 50 lbs. I am still young-ish (lol), not 40 yrs old Yet! And God has blessed me to bring in to the world 7 beautiful, healthy children. I always wanted a big family of 10 kids and was pregnant 10x's, however I lost 2 to miscarriages and my last son Gabrial was still born. All my kids are fairly close in age from 51/2-20. So over the years, I have lost and gained until now where I am losing weight, slowly and trying to not gain back! My goal is to reach 130 by X-mas and remain there! I used to work out 6 days a week at a local gym, but as my family has grown there is less and less time and now the economy hasn't allowed a gym into my budget. What I'm striving towards currently is to obtain some insight from others as to how to maintain a goal weight and free exercises not required by a gym. Any support as well as input would be greatly appreciated! 


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Good luck !

I feel your pain. I battled for years and am now 10 pounds from my goal weight. I eat low fat, sugarless and walk. There are good, enexpensive foods to prepare and walking doen't cost anything ( except a good pair of shoes). I will keep you in my thoughts

Yes indeed, good luck. Any activity that is done to get some action going (like walking) will do, it does not have to be in a gym!

Good luck reaching your goals!