Emotional Eater

I need to loose about 75 pounds. With me it isn't just a want but a need for my health. I currently weigh 235 and need to get down to about 150-160. My problem is that I am a compulsive emotional eater and I absolutely love food. When I am happy-I eat, when I am sad-I gorge, when I am depressed-I eat and eat, no matter the emotion I eat. I have recently (within the last 8 months) started changing the way I cook and I have taken up walking, which seems to help. It has sure shown me how out of shape I am. I am determined to change how I perceive food and change my eating habits even more because I believe I am worth more than what I have treated myself like in the past. Now to find out how to shop healthy with a less than average budget for a family of 4.


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2 Responses Feb 18, 2009

Whatever happens just remember to love yourself! Because love is the ultimate power, and it makes us happy. And in the end that's all that we want, right? Focusing on what we want gets us what we want, focusing on what don't want just re-enforces all the negativity. Just keep smiling, meditate and focus on what you want. You'll get there I know it, even if it takes a while :)

I am an emotional eater also... sux! no matter whats going on in my life, I eat to celebrate it! yikes!!!<br />
<br />
Im too gonna start walking.... and try to drink more water.<br />
Last yr I did the adkins diet and lost 20 pounds the first month!<br />
I NEED to do it again... the hardest part is getting started.