I Want to Do It For Me

I want to lose weight,not for anyone else, but for me. My husband  says that I look great the way I am but I dont feel right with myself. I started gaining weight when I was 8 years old. I probably weighed 80 lbs at the time then my father got into a horrible car accident. I was left at home with my sister while my mother was at the hospital for  a year straight. We ate whatever we wanted..fried foods,take out anything. It turns out that I also found out I ahd a thyroid condition that made me gain 100 lbs in a year!!!Can you believe that!!!!

  By the time I was 18 I was 200 plus pounds. I finally met my husband when I was 23 and I had lost a good 60 lbs right before that. I looked great!!he loved the way I  looked. Eventually we moved in together and I became preganant with our wonderful son. I gained those 60 lbs. right back! I still have some weight to lose . I wold love to get down to 135 lbs!!!My husband says I look just fine but I need to do it for myself and my self esteem...Does anyone know what I am saying??????

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Wow there are alot of people in this same place. I am there with you all too. I have two kids 7 and almost 4 and my husband is a Food Network junkie and loves too cook, pastas are his favourite and he is a sucker for take out.... I hate waste and don't like too throw things out, well you can see it is more then just will power it is my family and lifestyle....It definatly isn't easy thats why thisis a great site.

I want to be at 135 also. I have lost 13 lbs and am at 169 right now. My husband feels the same way, but I understand wanting to do it for yourself, If you do it for someone else I don't think it is ever gonna work, it has to be for yourself.

I know exactly what you are going through. I gained 60 pounds while I was pregnant. My daughter is almost 2 now and I still haven't lost 10 pounds of the baby weight. I know I look okay, but I would be so much happier with myself if I lost the rest.

I understand my wife is wanting to lose about 75 pounds before she goes and sees here sisters in May. I need to lose about 25 more pounds so we are going together and working out.<br />
<br />
Do it for you, have your husband go with you and work together on it. You will feel better for it.<br />
<br />
Don't give up on it.

losing weight i been after that my whole life!

Thank you guys so much for your comments and Hairlady,trust me you have nothing to be jealous of!!! LOL!!!

I think you are already too much thinner than me. You just want to make me more jealous :)

Yes I do. If you do not feel right with yourself, you always questions why others can think you look okay or good and tend not to trust them!