I Wanna Feel Secure Again

I'm not large but incomparison to a lot of my girl mates which I should mention are 2 yrs younger than me I want to be small. Lately it's been so hard to find clothes pants that fit me lol very embarassing, most of my bigger clothes have gone and I'm left with clothes I wore two yrs ago. My guy says he loves me for who I am and loves me big... But honestly I see the girls that hit on him. He's a hottie!

They are beautiful and I feel so threatened and insecure that I start to give him the cold shoulder... But I can't help it... I keep eating... So hopefully I get bak on track and move these kilos out of my life and get my body shape back... People tell me I'm not that big, but I see myself and I'm not going to kid myself. I'm not big, but I'm not small either and I want to be... I do love myself and most times I brush it off... But lately facing the world in this day and age I can't help but want to disappear sometimes... WISH ME LUCK!!! I CAN DO THIS!!! And when I lose it I can strut my thing infront of my boy and show him exactly how lucky he is to have me. Hehehehe.


BTW: aNYone got any good quick diets that work??? Lmao please!!!

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Thankyou very much :D I've been losing a bit of weight not eating as much as i usualy consume and keeping busy and moving hehehehe thankyou thankyou!!!

bingo! i feel exactly the same way. i'm not huge but not small. and while i'd love to be a size 2- i've got to be realistic. i've been happy when my weight was "just right" so i know it's possible to be happy in and with my body. i'm in the same boat.<br />
for me - i 've got my fruits and veggies and the gym, so far there 's progress so i'm sticking with it. i suggest the same.

Take in less then you need and burn more then you eat. It the core way to loose weight. There really are no "silver bullets" to slay this monster.

One quick observation, your bf does not love you for your body only, he loves the complete you. Even if you are not at your optimum weight, you can still be charming, sexy, intimate, alluring, and engaging.<br />
I hope that you find a way to get to your ideal weight in a healthy manner, but please knwo that your bf is with you for who you are and not just for what you look like.