I Need Help

i have been over weight since i was in 7th grade now that i am married most people say that its not a big issue if ur husband loves u for who u are right?... WRONG if u dont love urself then theres a problem causes depression which can also cause more weight gain and bad eating disorders well it wouldnt be such a problem for me but i recently went to the doctor and noticed since he has shipped off to the army i have gained 60lbs in 6 months!!! wow and we want to have a baby we have been trying so hard for over a year now and nothing we found out that he is not starle so we figured it had to be me i went to the doctor and found out being over weight can cause infertility and stop u from having periods excpecially when u wear skin tight pants but i cants find any jeans that i like that fit me so i figured i would fix the peoblem by loosing weight so advise would help out alot i dont have time for a gym i dont buy the food in the house can anybody think of inexpensive ways to help keep my self busy so im not thinking about food but im exercising too it would be greatly appreciated

JoselyneRay JoselyneRay
18-21, F
2 Responses Feb 21, 2009

Try eating off of smaller plates, it tricks your mind into thinking you are eating a lot, the plate just fills up faster.

thinkits a big deal if you are not happy!!