I Want to Be Thin ...

I'm fed up of feeling dirty.

Being big makes me feel dirty.

When I eat anything 'wrong' I feel awful afterwards. I feel greasy, I feel grimy and I feel fat.

Right now, i'm feeling all those things.

Right now, i'm feeling sad.

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2 Responses Feb 22, 2009

Hey there I think if you had a partner that wants to lose weight you can succeed. We all fight to be thin and we will when the struggle but right now you must love yourself and envision a thinner you! When you eat something bad don't look at it that way have your crave enjoy it then get it off your mind. Enjoy a crave but just don't do it more than once a week. I cheat every Saturday then Sunday I get back on track. I hope this helps..Love yourself ignore your outer beauty and look inside. But stay focuses on that vision because one day it will be a reality I promise you that!

Awwww I am sorry you are feeling so down about it, take heart ythough everyday is a new beggining and you can start again and feel better.... I am trying and keep on trying don't lose hope.