Getting Back On Track

I just wish I could lose weight! I don't know why, but I've gained like ten pounds a year for three years now! I know they say to just eat right and exercise, but I couldn't exercise for eight months because I tore my ACL and now that I'm back to exercising again it's really hard to figure out how to eat, because I was barely eating anything for so long just to maintain my weight. The thing is I know I want to lose weight for all the wrong reasons, so my motivation doesn't stick? Any ideas on motivation? Or some way to keep a promise to myself?

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Thank you so much! <br />
I just feel shallow for only wanting to lose weight for appearance.<br />
Thanks again!

I also struggle with weight and I think what ever your reason to lose weight to motivate you is your personal reason. I mean I want to be thin so that I can have confidence and feel sexy. I also want to be healthy because I am a mother of two. Go buy an out fit that you absolutely want to see yourself in and hang in up where you can see it. Put that picture of what you would like to look like on your refrigerator. You also must eat 6 small meals a day to keep your metabolism going. That is key and will always be key to losing weight. It is hard to stick to trust me I am a yo yo dieter but at 31 I am tired and I just want to get there. I spent my 20's dieting and now I am in my 30's and there is no way I am going to allow myself to journey on. So focus on what you want and who cares about the reason. As woman we have to be happy with the way we look or we will never find peace within. I hope this helps. If not check with your doctor because if your gaining any weight it could be a medical reason like myself. I have a slightly high testosterone level and as woman it can slow our metabolism down. Or even a thyroid problem. Remember Rome was not built in a day...Good luck

Thank guys! Hopefully it's all going to work out.

Buy a real expensive hot..Hot..HOt..HOT..dress....and make it in the old size.....<br />
<br />
Or a picture of yourself...One that you hate...That makes you want to burn every time you see it.....And put it on the frig.....<br />
<br />
Works for me....When I do them that is

hey motivation is hard for anyone but you standing in front of the mirror naked might work