I Am Obese

I know that there are thousands of thousands of people who want to lose weight; even some who want to lose really dont need to lose. Some have eating disorders, some eat because of emotional distress, some just really have trouble keeping *a few extra pounds* off, & then there is the multitude who constantly just seem to add pounds a little at a time over the years; sometimes not even aware of it until they can no longer fit their clothing

This is the category I think I fall into because(even though I would go on a diet ever so en thoughout my life) I am morbidly obese! I knew I was adding a few pounds because I weigh in every time I go to the doctor; about once in about 6 to 8 weeks  

I just ignored it; thinking that I would lose it when I was able to get more active. I have been in debilitating pain for so long, always having faith that it would not be forever.  But I never liked adding the pound and was always asking my dr to help me by giving some advice or dieting tips.

His answer was almost always the old standards like: just eat less, exercise more, buy some appetite suppressers! When I heard things like that I knew I was already doing all I could do; (tho I never would buy the pills to curb appetite)and eventually I just gave it!  

Now I am trying again because I realized how obese I am and how dangerous it is to my health!  I have lost a total of 20 lbs in 9 weeks and feel like I am going to meet my goal one day even if it IS going to take a long time!

God Bless You All in your efforts; may HE help you in your success!

samaritan samaritan
61-65, F
1 Response Feb 24, 2009

I also have a problem with my weight and my doctor did a few test and I ended up having a slight high testosterone level. My thyroid was okay but I think if it is an on going thing with weight struggle have your doctor do some blood work to check to see if there is anything else that may cause your metabolism to be slower to others. I think your on the right track though and losing 20lbs is Awesome good for you!!! Hey I always say Rome was not built in a day. GOOD LUCK