Still a Goal

I used to be waif thin as a child. Then, form 14 to 25 I used to be a healthy weighting girl. At 25, due to some disappointments and a personal crisis, I started comfort-eating and being lazy, and the pounds piled up. I gained more than 44 pounds in a short time, and I kept them for over 8 years. Then, two and a half years ago, I managed to change my job, moved and started a new life. I also had to be more active because work required it. Having to cook my meals probably added to my results too. To cut a long story short, I managed to lose 22 pounds in six months, quite painlessly.  I lost 11 more along the way, basically trying to cut on junk food and drinking more water. I still have about 11 pounds to lose, but now I know I can succeed.  

PurpleQueen PurpleQueen
36-40, F
2 Responses Feb 25, 2009

At least you realized that you needed to lose the weight for many reasons and have succeded well. The last 11 ponds will probably be the hardest, but you will do it! If you need any tips just message me. Ciao

Yess! I wish you good luck!