Picked up smoking and never felt better. I eat less, my anxiety is easier to deal with, and I sleep more oddly. I'd rather have a short, fun and bearable life than a long, hard life.
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I'm the same, it relaxes me so much and makes me east less but I'm scared of getting super addicted so ill only have one every couple of days!

Nicotine is just so great. I would watch the overall amount of cigarettes you smoke. The effects are super overstated my mom smoked on and off a lot and she is in great shape. Low cholesterol, good heart health, breathes well. You can also chew gum or smoke ecigs. People that say not to smoke are just regurgitating what they've been told.

You're just an idiot 😂

I'm don't tell people how to live their lives

''I'm don't'' ? Hmmm not sure that makes sense it that sentence do you? You're 13-15 you're just stupid. Your mum may appear to breath easy but her lungs will be black. Have fun with that when she gets lung cancer

No she went to the doctor and she is fine. My grandma smoked and she is literally going to be competing in world championship triathlon after she took 3rd at nationals. My great grandma smokes for her entire life and she is almost 100... I'm probably not gonna smoke because, yeah it's bad for you. However If people feel like they need it in their lives I'm not gonna start throwing stones.

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Dude it's gonna backfire. Trust me

You went full retard. NEVER GO FULL RETARD YO!

Smoking won't help trust me