Losing Weight

Okay so people say they want to lose weight right? But most people put it down to someone wanting attention. Or thats what i heard. But for me its not for attention, thats the last thing i want! Yer i sound like your typical teenager "i wanna lose weight" "i feel fat" but things seem to be gettin more extreme. For the past month i have been cuttin out meals and doing alot of exercise. I am losing weight but it never seems like enough to me. People comment on how good im lookin but i see an ugly fat and useless girl staring back at me in the mirror. Its gettin me down and im losin more and more friends because of my obsession with calorie counting. I also seem to get alot moodier and snappy with the people i care about. Theres one other thing. . . I also have type 1 diabetes. This is seriously not under control, last year i was in hospital 5 times for skipping my insulin. But i was only doin it because it helps you lose weight, i heard you could lose up to a stone a week! Im basically writing this to get advice from anyone who is willing to help. I dont want to end up dead but i see no other solution. IM OBSESSED!

nicoleex2009 nicoleex2009
18-21, F
1 Response Feb 27, 2009

Obsession always bring up to the sad ending :(<br />
I'm worry about you since I've been there before,<br />
I also lost many friends due to this reason..<br />
I was never fat but feel fat and now i'm struggling with ED.