I'm 127 today, I want to get down to 120 in the next month or two :) I started dieting about two months ago and lost 15-20 lbs quickly, then started yo-yoing a little but am now back on track. Just need a little encouragement, it's really hard when my family goes out to eat or my mom buys four tubs of ice cream and soda and s'mores for my brother's birthday and keeps asking if I want any!
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I teeter totter between wanting to be really thin and wanting to gain weight. It seems like when I want to gain, we have nothing to eat. But within the first week of trying to lose, my mom goes out and buys all sorts of cookies and icecream and she'll take me places and buy me candy so I have to eat it and it drives me crazy. It's like she knows even though it's hard to tell what I'm doing. And if I try to tell her I don't want the candy or whatever she asks me why and I have no one to sneak it to so I can pretend I ate it since I'm homeschooled. I would throw it away but I hate wasting money.

And you height ?

how tall are you??

I'm 5'5 and my legs are like slabs of concrete (really muscular) but my upper body isn't as strong.

I'm 120 (that I know of)
My mom doesn't have weight scales at my house, they're hidden because she doesn't want me to have low self esteem or whatever. It's smart.
I'm 5"4", and I honestly don't want to lose weight, I just want to tighten my stomach muscles and get rid of my pesky love handles.

yo-yo? Where's the cool smartphone that the youth are so fascinated with?

Ugh I know what that's like. My mom always feels the need to buy soda and snack food. Of course whenever I get a snack attack I head straight for them..
You're doing great! Keep up the good work! 😝

Oh my gosh! That's great! I wish I was doing as well as you. Keep it up! :)