I want to lose weight but I just ate a shitload of Nutella. Willpower is not my strong suit.
LIZard0121 LIZard0121
18-21, F
5 Responses Aug 17, 2014

Gosh me too! But peanut butter is the weakness in my case

OMG Nutella 😍😍 I have no control when it comes to that chocolatey goodness. Peanut butter too

Willpower didn't used to be my strong suit either. The most important exercise for you right now is every time you crave something unhealthy, go into the pantry, look at all your junk food, and walk away. Then eat fruit or veggies or something nutritious! It's really hard but it helps! Good luck!

mmm...nutella it's so good, and it's full of protien just eat nutella and workout. do what makes you happy, you lose more weight that way.

:) made me giggle a bit :)