Gonna eat only breakfast, lunch and diner for the rest of the vacation. And when school starts again only breakfast and diner :)
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Pretty sure skipping meals could make your metabolism slower. Happened to me xD i skipped breakfast, or ate a bit of it, all of 7th grade. not cause i wanted to lose weight, i was just always running late for school. But point is, eat a good breakfast, then maybe make your lunch and dinner smaller while having some light snacks in between and before bed.

Have a bigger lunch and a smaller dinner its better for you than just skipping

You don't have to skip meals. Just pick healthier food. Instead of fried chicken have grilled. instead of having fattening sides like fries or biscuits, have a vegetable or a salad.

In fact, you can simply have a salad for lunch everyday if you want. No croutons and go light on the dressing. Eat as much as you want since greens have almost no calories.

Just remember, when you start skipping meals, your body starts to think that food is scarce. It starts to save more fat, instead of use fat, just in case food becomes even more scarce. You are just going to put more weight on.

I've heard it's better to skip dinner than lunch. Because sometimes those calories from dinner aren't used all the way and when you go to sleep they are stored in your body and not used.

It's actually healthier to eat smaller meals more often throughout the day. What matters is what you're eating

Im gonna do the same thing Hun. Good luck :)

Good luck for you too :)