I lost 10 pounds this month and I've never been more determined to lose more. Mom currently 156 and my goal is to get to 120
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Wow that's really good :0 10 pounds in a month I wish my weight can go down that fast, how many calories do you eat?

Wow congrats I'm 150 and have been doing Jillian michaels 30 day shred it's very intense but it's good! You should give it a try!

How many calories u eat a day and what excercises do u do

How? I've lost about 4 pounds in a few weeks

I cut down how much I eat and i use a calorie counter app so I don't eat too many calories. And I exercise.

Organic? I try to eat organic so expensive but lovely

Yeah I eat little bread and if it is it's whole meal

I reckon organ is a must the stuff they spray on the foods add to weight gain

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