I went from 141 lbs to 135.5 lbs in one week, and I have never been more excited. Keep working towards your goals. The exercise and the soreness is worth it.
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Wow that's great! How did you do that? Congrats πŸ‘πŸ˜Š

Lots of cardio and commitment. 😊 I don't believe in starving yourself to lose weight, so I eat pretty much te same, just smaller portions, and I workout everyday! It has really boosted up my energy levels, I can definitely see a difference, and I feel great!😊

That's great thanks for the advice as well!

How much your height ?


Wow pretty cool~ I wanna do that also but each time I'm just too lazy... Ugh laziness kills me... So what kind of exercises u do to lose that much in a week?

Lots and lots of cardio! Lol. Lots of commitment too. I've made it a habit where if I get upset, stressed or frustrated, I workout to blow off some steam, and it's been working great😊

Ahhh cool but I do the opposite of urs haha ok I should start that too thx

6 pounds is pretty impressive but im going to assume most of the weight lost was water weight . You should try to loose 2-3 pounds a week , anything more then that is unhealthy

I hope it's not water weight haha I drink 3-5 bottles of water everyday because I live in Arizona and it's terribly hot, haha. I'm also not starving myself either, so I don't know.

I live in toronto and its pretty chilly right now but i still drink a lot of water and i hate going to the washro like ten times within two hours lol

What did you do to lose the weight? What kind of exercise?

I run, do stairclimbers, and lots of cardio. Buuuug I'm really out of shape so when I say run, I mean like walk 75% of the time and run the rest.πŸ˜‚ i also do lots of ab and butt toning workouts, which you can find online. I think what helped the most though is that I stopped over eating, or eating until it hurts. I eat until I'm satisfied, and I try not to eat when I'm bored. It really isn't that bad. I get to eat whatever I want, just not as much. And the soreness from the workouts everyday is totally worth it once you start seeing improvements. Good luck!😊

Thanks! I use to workout a lot. I lost motivation. I'm about to start fitness class in two weeks. I don't want to be that out shape when I start. lol... good luck too! I hope you reach your goal.

How long of a run do you do? And how long of cardio?