it's been awhile since I posted here, it's been maybe, 3 or 4 weeks and I apparently lost 14 pounds. I started out as 264 and now I'm 250. I'm very excited, but I'm also worried. losing the weight is fine but after I get enough off I want to tone at least alittle.
I've been complaining about how I need a bike every since I started the diet and I refuse to stop talking about it until I get one. I'd go outside more, it's faster then walking. and I love going down hills. swimming would be a full body work out, thing is I don't know how to swim. and I want to learn. those two things alone would help me lose 20 pounds in the first 3 weeks I'm sure! I usually eat less then 1000 calories a day and I operate fine with that. I don't eat alot of bread or cheese, I don't drink soda or juice, I don't eat anything sweet like candies or cakes. I have had ice cream but it was 100 cals and I didn't eat the whole thing. another things is that I don't go out to eat. if I do I go to subway and only get turkey on wheat with veggies mustard (cheese but I don't need it and also mayo but only alittle) I don't eat red meat, hot dogs, bologna, only turkey or chicken. I think Ir been doing good, but I'm hoping it doesn't fall apart when I start school. best way to avoid it, would be to just not go into the lunch room at all and carry around baby carrots. I like carrots.
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Kayla itsines ebooks really helps you tone up! you can try that out, good luck(:

Watch out for the baby carrots lol. It was part of my daily diet... As a meal replacement for other junk food. It wasn't really really orange, but you could tell the change in skin pigmentation. Doctor told me there was to much beta carotene in my system.

That's great! I'm trying to lose weight too. I think your doing an awesome job, but you should be eating a little bit more. It's not healthy to eat just 1000 calories or less. Your diet should be 1200 calorie diet. How do you track your calories anyways? Do you use an app or just read back of food boxes?

Congrats! I wanna try swimming as well for exercise but am just too afraid to get in the swimsuit right now lol

Sounds great, I also am thinking about my weight, but thats all. Time for firewood is just around the bend so I will be getting a good work out. :) Great job keep it up

That's the easy part the next part of splitting it can be done two ways, a motorized splitter or a hand wood splitter from ten pounds up to twenty five pounds maybe even more weight.

Well done!