Medical Reasons For Weight Gain.

 I weigh 106 kg and I'm about 5'7" tall

As a child I was very thin and energetic.

Up until I was about 38 and pregnant with my son I didn't have a weight issue.

I was diagonised with diabetes type2 then hypothyroidism, and recently had 18 months treatment on steroids for a lung problem.

I suppose I'm lucky I only weigh 106 kg hey ! 

I have had stomach issues and needed an operation to correct a problem.....during that time I lost45kg and everyone commented on how good I looked.....they were only focused on the size of my clothes,   because I was deathly ill and they missed it.

I would love to reduce some of the weight so I could wear nicer clothes, but its not as big an issue as being healthy.

I'm no longer a teenager either, so fashion isn't any sort of priority.

I have the Michael Thurmond program but haven't started yet.....has anyone else tried it or similiar program?


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I gained a lot of weight from taking antidepressants for 4 years. I knew this was a very real possibility but the weight crept on almost imperceptibly over the space of years. Now that I am off the meds, I want to get rid of all the weight gain. I've begun walking a mile per night, eating healthier foods and I hope to get back with my personal trainer who I haven't had a chance to work with since March owing to the closure of our gym. I texted him the other night and asked him if we could maybe find a local park in the area and work out there and he said, yes, he'd let me know when and where we'll resume workouts. He knows how badly I need his help, because he's also my physical therapist who has rehabbed my bad knee a number of times, so I am very much looking forward to getting back into a regular workout program with him again. The weight should start coming off especially when I resume my workout regimen again.

thank you BG

Protein foods build muscle and make you feel full for longer.<br />
<br />
Even girls need some muscle to help them keep warm. You don't have to pump iron but do pilates for slender muscle tone.

thank you TW......good luck with yours

Im trying to loose weight too I eat smaller portions every couple of hours walk the dog, go on the treadmill, and bike, and do weights and it seems to work. Good luck with your new program :)

thank you

No, no programs here. But personally, when I wanted to drop some weight, I ate a good, healthy diet -- and small portions, frequently, like real experts recommend. I also have a workout routine I designed myself, that I do at home, 4-5x a week, for 30-40 minutes each time, involving weights, yoga, aerobics, and calisthenics. A women's health/exercise book was helpful to me and might be for you, too. My motivator was to look great and wear small sizes. Every time I wanted to overindulge, I just told myself, "What do you want more -- some food that you won't even remember eating half an hour from now, or to look great and fit into the clothes you really want to wear?" It was a no-brainer for me. GOOD, GOOD LUCK TO YOU. Don't ever give up, and know YOU CAN DO IT!

No, I haven't tried that program. Positive thinking, changing your eating habits and working out. Best of luck on the diet and if you need help or something just message me and I'll do my best to help! :D