It's so hard to find the time and motivation, especially with such a busy schedule i want to try but i wouldnt even know where to start
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You can try kayla itsines ebooks they only take 30 minutes for a workout(:

Eat fiber. It fills you up fast. Like apples and fiber one bars, and since it fills you up, you aren't hungry and it doesn't harm your body! Also drink more water, sometimes your body can't tell if you need food or water. So drink water and then 10-15 minutes later if you're still hungry, eat.

I use my fitness pal on my phone now. I had a doctors appointment 4 days ago and she told me a was almost 201 pounds, so I downloaded it and immediately started reducing my calorie intake. I weighed myself today, 199 pounds. Just follow the instructions on the app and stick to using it and you'll see results!

Thank you!

No problem :) a word of advice though, eat at least 1200 calories per day to avoid going into starvation mode, and don't automatically start with 2 pounds/ week, start with maybe 1 and work up to it. You'll lose it quickly at first because the water weight will go and then it'll be a little slower but don't be discouraged! And drink as much water as possible every day!

Hi there! Do you have a few minutes to watch this video on AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge? If so, watch this video and then get back to me to let me know what you think

It's really tricky so here's some options you could try:
1) keep a food diary and jot down what you've ate (food name and calories) and try to reduce the calorie intake gradually
2) exercise. I never believed that it works but my tubby friend now has a six pack after just a year. It definitely works but all good things come in good time.
3) sign up for a sport you like (swimming, tennis, martial arts, etc.) so you have fun whilst keeping active and loosing weight

Hope this helps :) message me if you have any questions