Currently trying to lose some weight. It's really hard and stressful, and many times I have a very big urge to binge that is sooo hard to control, but I'm trying my best. Anyone else relate to this? Junk food is definitely the worst kind of drug :(
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I worked for many years as an over the road truck driver and had been slim most of my young life, but starting to drive over the road trucks in my early 20's i become less active and over weight, then I got out of driving and into factory work, it helped but it was not enough, still out of shape bad, I could not even do 10 push ups . it really began to take its toll on me, and by the time I was 45 and trained as a EMT(Paramedic) working and caring for people and seeing what my future was heading for I knew I had to make a change and a Lady I was dating helped to it was a team effort, we started doing a program by beachbody that her son had gotten and not used yet, P90x , it saved me and he from our selves it helped with diet and well the workouts were tough, I have since learned of some not so tough and work well for very overweight and out of shape.

I feel your pain people and now I have decided to help others to reach their fitness goals, with Beach body's help and some time you too can reach your goal. I have before and after pictures to show if anybody wants to see them,
I am now a coach with the company and will help you with getting back your life and body you desire !

I can relate

I'll do good all morning, then mid afternoon, I start eating tons of snacks! I just can't help myself, and water doesn't help. I'm trying to find things to busy myself, so maybe I won't be tempted to binge!

That's what happens to me!

I was thinking of learning needle point, or crocheting. Also I want to take up yoga, I think if I could keep busy I wouldn't eat all those snacks! I use my kids as an excuse, like they need to have the snacks in the house, lol!

I know the feeling. Especially when chocolate is your main source of stress relief.... Best of luck to you! :)

Yesss! It's awful, biggest temptation ever!