I've been trying to loose weight for so long, I've tried all types of diets but I always fail. I need some advices desperately !... Thx!
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Change your lifestyle! It's not a diet it is a transformation.

Where do you like to eat lunch?
What is your favorite food?
Do you drink soda?
How far do you walk each day?
Do you eat breakfast?
Do you track your eating and exercise?
Do you have healthy friends or unhealthy friends?
Where is your closest fast food restaurant?
Where is your closest organic produce shop?

I was 350 pounds at my heaviest- Now I weigh 180 pounds and I run marathons- All accomplished with no diets, drugs, pills or gimmicks.

Eat right, educate yourself about food and exercise and you can shed weight.

I'd like to chat more with you about this if you are interested.

wow this sounds very interesting... I would love to try this and get as much help as possible ! Thx!!!

I've tried so many things including that one. :(

The one that nutrilite sells it's amazing I take it with the slimmetry dietary supplement

Have you tried the carb blocker it's amazing