Not Fat, Not Skinny Enough

  I don't have an eating disorder, but my boyfriend says that it's something different with me. I count calories, and have gotten to the point that I can tell you how much of something I can eat and how long I have to work out after I eat it to burn it off. I am self conscious about my eating which he thinks is cute. I don't like to eat out a lot, unless we can sit in an area where I don't feel I will be watched while I eat. I am disgusted by people who eat like pigs, and I don't really like meat, since it doesn't settle in my stomach well. 

  My boyfriend has recently shipped off for BMT in the USAF and I have decided to try and kick my weight loss into full gear so that the next time I see him I am about 130 lbs. I currently weigh 154/152 depending on the day. I have trouble running due to an old knee injury that causes fluid to build up under my knee cap. I try to walk on the tread mill and that seems to keep me in pretty good shape, I also work with a core ball to tighten my abs best I can. I eat right and try not to snack on anything that is considered junk food. If anyone has any other low impact workouts or diet plans, I'm open. Also I really don't eat a lot in a day, maybe a small snack for lunch, like a bag of pretzels and I eat dinner nothing really big or out of proportion. I also don't eat after 7:30pm. if anyone can think of anything please feel free to get in touch with me.

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1 Response Mar 2, 2009

Drink lots of h20. x