Anyone know of weight loss blogs or websites that give tips from a short/ slightly overweight person's pov? I want to loose about 15-ish lbs and I'm looking for help on creating a diet/exercise schedule. Im not too overweight, and I feel like a lot of these blogs are made by people looking to lose 40+ lbs, which is fine and just as inspiring but i think it would be cool/healthier to learn from someone in my situation :)
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I understand. I'm 5'1 an. Dont have a lot to lose but enough. I did the 24 day challenge and lost 9 lbs and 5 inches. My husband lost 26 lbs and 6 inches. And if your already eating healthy then your body just needs the vitamins and minerals to reboot it back in shape.

try indoor cycling with a class (motivational and tones your legs) and swimming (works your entire body and doesn't put too much pressure on your joints)

Wow a lot of great diet ideas. I have one "eating right" it involves fruits vegetables, fish and meat

Haha yep, all the good stuff

Go mediteranian diet youll lose weight and be soooo much healthier