Because society portrays the perfect body as skinny with thigh gap, tiny waist, slight broader hips, small boobs, firm and pointy chin. We wanna be perfect too. Sometimes I just can help feeling this way.
I look in the mirror many days and wonder why can I have the figure of a model. Maybe then I would be happier with myself and start loving me for me. But then that would be me, this is me.
But if I'm not comfortable with this me I might need to change. Right? Just 20 lbs less and I'll be ecstatic, but it's hard. It's take too much out of me to keep from putting the weight back on. I've been through it once and idk if I can do it again. But I have to
I sometimes wonder of I will ever find someone who will love me unconditionally and im scared cuz I don't wannabe grow old and alone with maybe a few cats. That's too lonely. I wanna be happy. But how can I if I not happy now.
And the worth part is I'm not even that fat. No, I'm not. Past experiences have had this effect on me and it still affects me to this day. I can't stop until I've achieved my desire or maybe theirs. I'll be what they want me to be. Then, maybe then they'll be happy and so can I. :/
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To illustrate what I'm about to say: I approached a woman the other day to move her out of harm's way (it's not good karma to not move someone out of harm's way when you know about it). Expecting to be glared at or insulted back in some way because I approached her, she completely suprised me with her cordial and unquestioning regard. Initially, I was in no way attracted to spark through the eyes. What ended up melting me inside and being thoroughly enamored with her was her demeanor and feminine gentility which seemed so inherent to her personality (hardly a put-on by a long shot). I completely melted and could have been putty in her hands. I would say she would have average looks if at all, by current fashion media standards, but she has become the most attractive woman I've met in a long time. In short, stop thinking its your looks. It NOT your looks that matter to the guy who's going to truly love's YOU he'll be smitten with, no matter how you may be in your appearence!

This is truly inspiring, thank you for sharing you story and view. i appreciate it very much.

Check out

Exercise and diet is the solution. :)

I'll try harder. thank you! :)

Try to make a green smoothie. good luck