I swear my life would be 1000x better if I just had a thigh gap
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Thigh gaps are just some stupid fad that will probably fade in a few years. I had a thigh gap a few years ago, and I was really insecure. I hated it. I wanted my thighs to touch so badly. Lol. But it's true. Thigh gaps mostly have to do with bone structure, so for some people, no matter how skinny they are, they will not get a thigh gap. Plus guys don't care about thigh gaps, in fact, I'm pretty sure any guy would prefer a girl with nice thighs rather than no thighs.

I agree that it's a stupid fad, but having thighs that touch can be annoying, especially with chafing.

True. I just think that girls need to stop promoting thigh gaps and creating this false idea of perfection. It's natural for people to want to follow trends, but this is just not healthy. Looking at these pictures of skinny perfect looking girl makes me think I'm ugly and that I need to change myself. I'm sure this is how a lot of girls feel. Thigh gaps are just one part of the that picture along with collar bones and a super flat stomach.

No, I'm right there with you. It applies to anyone that tries to create an image of what a woman "should" look like. Alongside those that expect skinniness, there are the ones who promote curves and "meat on the bones". The standards we as individuals are expected to meet are ridiculous.

I dont understand the fascination with the "thigh gap" and I'm a red blooded Aussie :)