i dont understand the thigh gap bullshit, you cant just get one from losing weight. the length of your hips, your vagina, and your inner thigh, all affect wither or not, you will have one. personally i dont like them. it's like "oooo i got a hole between my leg, im sexy" no... just no...
girls, if you are bigger, your thigh gap might be hidden and losing weight might bring it out. but not everyone has it, not everyone can get it, and it's a really stupid body image trend. are you stupid? i hope you're not stupid, because only stupid people try and follow a trend to fit in (100 points for rhyming) plus, how does it feel to even sit down with one of those? i bet it's uncomfortable.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thigh_gap(more on thigh gaps)
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I find it weird. Like wtf is that.

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