Yo-yo Weight Loss

For the past 3 years my weight has been on a yo-yo! lol

I was 135lbs,  5'3. I was a fairly sized girl; was not skinny nor fat.  After my boyfriend had left me i've started bingeing mindlessly. In the course of 2 years I've reached to a whopping 175lbs. No one noticed the weight gain for some odd reason. I didn't grow taller.... However I did lose to 140lbs but ever since the day i ran away from home.. my weight got to 160lbs.. It's so hard for me to lose  weight ... becuase i'm insomniac and my mother's always putting me down. She makes me feel less of a human because of my weight.. It seems as though I have to be skinny to get respect from others. No one will talk to me. I think that all I need to do is to get a decent amount of hours of sleep so I can go about my day rejuvenated. It's just so hard to lose weight when I'm living with someone who calls me fat and a failure in life. The pressure that I get from home can get so unbearable.. oh and even with my friends. They're not fat but they're always whining about losing that last 3 or 5 lbs. I feel like a complete hippo when they're complaining. Gosh I'm just so sick of the world!I'm not going to lose weight to please others. I just want to have a flat stomach so i can be comfortable with my own skin. I must say that even after years of being overweight, it still rather feels weird. My goal is 125 lbs! I hope to find inspiration from you guys!

DreamingAway DreamingAway
Mar 2, 2009