Why Do Skinny People Go to the Gym?

Why is that I always see skinny people at the gym? Everytime I'm there I would only find two or one other overweight people exercising.. I would feel so big when I'm changing in the girl's room. I don't know it's just me but it sometimes feels like the skinny girls in the locker room are looking down at my fatness. :'( But this isn't going to stop me from losing weight.

DreamingAway DreamingAway
2 Responses Mar 2, 2009

you are wrong sweetie! people in the gym are just busy looking at themselves. I am slim, 5'4 and 110,.. I go to the gym bec it's part of my lifestyle. My body is a result of 21 yrs of continuous exercise. I promise, I have never looked down on people's size. Just keep on going! you are sooo very young.

Hey Dreaming Away - they are probably skinny cos they go to the gym or have been going as a lifestyle for a long time. People are interested in other ppl's bodies out of natural curiousity - don't assume that they are looking down on you. That's unhealthy thinking!