After battling infertility and depression for 2+ years I have struggled with my weight. I had a horrible pregnancy and now my child is 6 months old. My weight is holding me back and I feel ugly and depressed. It's not as easy as get up and exercise and watch what you eat. I'm depressed because I'm ugly, I'm ugly because I'm fat and I'm fat because I'm depressed. Where do I start?
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I am a mommy of 4. I had 2 miscarriages and gained quite a bit of weight. My brother introduced me to advocare. I no longer have cravings. I eat 3 times a day and snack 3 times a day. Check it out. I think you would thank me later.

Take a small step at a time. If you do start working out you cant expect results the first day. (I always did) start and do baby steps! Good luck! Congrats on the baby :)

Is your baby doing well? Do you have access to reliable care?

Baby is doing great. I have no bad feelings toward baby, love of my life. I'm off work for another 6 months and have grandparents and sisters to rely on for care as my husband works out of down during the week while I solo parent.

Okay! Good and good. If you can get the time, walking really is the best place to start. I have had a pretty athletic life, but I had to slow down while my mother was ill. After she passed, a bunch of other trouble came my way. Long story short, I've been walking 2 years now, up to 50 miles a week, usually around 20. I feel great! Not back to my old self yet, but the hospital waiting room me is in the past. I've added in a bicycle in recent months, which also helps. Of course, nutrition is important, but once you get those endorphins working, you will want to eat better.:-)