I need to lose weight. Over the past years I have been eating junk food and really not giving a **** about my weight.

Now I have to control myself.
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After 24 days I had no cravings. I quit alcohol and sodas completely. Took 24 day challenge and lost weight and inches. Spark is awesome.

I may can help you...would you be interested in learning about how to lose weight in 24 days? Do you have a few minutes to chat with me?

I appreciated your offer but I don't have the money to pay for a program
Thank you tho :)

Hi there! I totally understand your financial situation but it is important to me that we show you how you can lose weight in as little as 24 days. I do not ask that you pay $200 for a weight loss program but can you commit to go through a cleansing for 10 days for only $30. If you go through this herbal cleanse, you can lose at least 5 lbs just in 3 days just by being consistent and using the product effectively. I can guarantee it because all of our products do come with a 100% money back guarantee if you do not see immediate results...seriously. Can you trust me?

why not do both?

Do both?

yeah. all you gotta do is balance, not give up food completely.

Ah i understand what you mean now,

That's always been a problem I had, but I'm going to try

good luck! :)

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