I'm 5'6 and 128 I think I'm just going to cut out junk food and go for long walks
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It doesn't sound like you need to loose weight, for your height that's pretty thin. Cutting out junk food is never a bad idea though.

I just feel like a little ball of human mush

Haha your probably suffering from "skinny fat" your thin but don't have much muscle tone? You said you run below, so maybe try doing that consistently, and work in upper body excercises to build muscle.

Hopefully that will also give me more of a figure

Hopefully that will also give me more of a figure

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that's the way to do it

You're fine. At your age, weight and height, you need to do exactly what you said to grow into your adult body: reduce junk food, take more walks. When you reach 18-21, consider taking up martial arts and/or distance running.:-)

I am on the cross country team so I do distance running when school starts. And thanks !