I have my mom telling me like everyday to watch what I eat I'm 192 pounds when I last when to the gym I don't know how much I weigh now but I just need some tips.
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1) Absolutely nothing wrong with green tea, it's very good for you, but don't expect it to be a magic bullet weight loss solution, because it's not.

2) Calories in versus calories out is essentially oversimplified, commercial garbage. The quality of the food you consume is far more important than the quantity. If you base your diet around animal protein, vegetables, and healthy fats, while limiting fruit and starchy while grain carbs, and cutting out added sugars completely, your body will start to regulate how much you need to eat just fine on it's own. We over eat when we eat sugar we don't need, in attempt to regulate our blood sugar, and when we eat chemical **** storm diet products, both due to the addictive nature of them. Real, whole food isn't addictive, if you are hungry, you will eat more because you need it. If you don't, you won't. Eat clean.

3) You need to exercise. Everyone needs to exercise, not so much for the calories burned as for the effects on your hormones, metabolism, and neurochemicals. A fit body is a happy body and a happy body will manage it's fat stores quite efficiently on it's own.

To summarize; stop worrying about your weight and start focusing on being fit and healthy. I promise the weight will take care of itself, and when you take this route instead of stupid fad diets and calories restrictions you will feel GREAT and the weight will stay off.

Take care xo

http://evidencemag.com/clean-eating/ by the way you are telling all the stuff to a 13-15 year old all he probably needs is simple stuff.

I'm a girl*

I'm currently at work and don't have a substantial amount of time to compile a more detailed rejection of that article, but rest assured, one is coming so I hope you enjoy a good debate ;)

Drink water/milk
Healthy diet
BOOM! Ur done!

Dude your so young don't drink green tea or take supplements or any of that **** its bad. As an exercise sports science major literally all you have to do is create a caloric defect. Eat a little less and exercise a little more its that simple. eating healthy is a plus. But you can still go out with your friends and eat pizza and stuff. Just eat like 2 pieces instead of 3. And drink water instead of soda. Super easy. As for as exercise goes just start with walking if you don't exercise regularly. Than start riding your bike or doing body weight exercises maybe run if you feel up to it.

Some of the only good advice I have ever seen in this group.

I drink natural green tea it's not bad

no its not bad, it is if you rely on it to lose weight.

Seriously! How is green tea bad????? And how can you tell someone to eat 2 slices of pizza instead of 3, that's just straight out bad advice.

I eat one piece of pizza and I feel full

gotta start somewhere no ones perfect. And green teas only bad if you rely on it for something like weight loss.

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Just eat healthy and exercise. Drink a lot of water. green tea works perfectly for weight loss. Try not to drink calories just stick with water. If you feel like snacking just eat veggies or fruit.

I use to drink Japanese green everyday then I stopped I should should start again lol and thank you

No problem :)

And my friends tell me I don't look fat because I'm tall and some of the fat goes to my butt and I have a flat stomach but I still wanna loose weight