I'm not fat but Im not skinny. I'm just average. I really wish to loose weight because all of my friends have thigh gaps expect me. All of them weigh under 100 pounds but I weigh 115 at 5'0. I want to loose 5-10 pounds in a healthy way, but I just love food, it makes me feel good. Any tips? Remember I'm only 13, btw.
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If eating makes you feel good then you shouldn't stop just because you want to skinner. You don't have to have a thigh gap to feel better about yourself. You can still eat food, try salads or something.

You shouldn't worry about loosing weight till your older. If you're only 5' you're definitely gonna grow taller. When I was your age I was pretty chubby but I grew into it.

Go for long walks and cut out junk that's what I'm doing. Also pick up a sport if you haven't already

Stop comparing yourself to them and just be you and love the body you have. You are very young and pretty, but it's obvious you want to look like everyone around you. Just exercise but don't over do it. Change what you eat to something healthier, everywhere you go has healthy options. :)

This is the best tip you get on this subject and here is a little thigh gap . Thigh gaps are very sexy, yes but not on skeletons! It sounds to me like you are the perfect size and with a little bit of work you have a thigh gap without losing weight and stay healthy. I'll talk to a gf of mine who was a professional body builder and has been a nutritionist for many years to find out what you need to do to get that thigh gap with out losing 10lbs. I'll message you after I talk to her. ..

Unless you have evidence to support your claim, please discontinue slandering me. I don't know you and you obviously don't know me...

I read people's stories randomly and if I can give advice or help someone that might be struggling I try to do that. Thigh gaps are sexy by the way but not so sexy that you should risk your health to attain one and that's the message I was trying to relay, unlike yours. "It is ok to be fat? I was! "... GoAway!

You are tiny!! Don't worry, you are still growing into your body.

Ok lol first of all being under 100 lbs is for 10 year old. Your becoming a woman so what's wrong with a little booty and boobs? Absolutely nothing. I would give u tips to lose weight if u needed too. And honestly in my opinion and most boys opinion thigh gaps arnt pretty. U don't need a thight gap to be beautiful. I weigh over 140 lbs and it works for me. Sure sometime I wish my stomach was flatter aha but I live my body and respect it. And I know how to rock my curves. If you respect your body and love it then others will see your confidence but it's so easy to tell when people don't like there body. U don't need to loose weight cuz for your age your in perfect shape. But everyone's body is different so don't feel bad if they can always eat and never gain weight. I have friends like that and it's a pretty sucky life sometimes.

Oh lol I'm over 140 and 5"2' lol and I don't look it so I'm pretty sure your fine